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User centric innovations with IoT/ Connected devices: Come interact with IBM Experts

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The Internet is evolving to connect people to physical things and also physical things to other physical things … all in real-time. It’s becoming the Internet of Things (IoT): Billions of interconnected smart devices measuring, moving, and acting upon all the bits of data that make up daily life.

Leading companies have begun implementing innovative IoT solutions that are changing the way work gets done and improving the top and bottom line.

As quoted by Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU) : 23% of C-suite executives believe IoT will spark a new wave of innovation at their companies, while 29% believe IoT will inspire new working practices or processes.

IoT is such a disruptive force, it is driving changes to customer’s businesses, but is it only about technology for improving productivity in Industrial and manufacturing setup? We are quickly moving ahead and now IoT or simply, connected devices, are touching every aspect of our life. These devices are collecting and crunching data at the lightning speeds. User experience will ultimately be the big differentiator for services designed for and around connected devices. CMO / Marketers have a great opportunity to transform customer experience with the use of such technologies from creating targeted campaigns for individuals to creating contextual and memorable digital and innovative experiences with every touch-point for their client.

Examples of Emerging Customer IoT Applications

  • Customer behaviors impact health insurance premiums
  • Customers receive real-time coupons based upon geo-locations
  • Vehicles turn into an e-commerce engine and payment tool

At IBM Interactive Experience, we have been creating value for our clients leveraging these new technologies and helping them stay ahead in their transformation journey. To fuel this discussion further, we are hosting a Crowdchat . Through the chat, we will discuss the challenges and best practices while designing for the IoT.


Topic: Design: Gamechanger for #IoT – Humanizing technology by designing experiences for IoT and Wearables

Date: September 22, 2015

Time: 8am PT /11 am ET / 4pm BST (duration: 1 hour)

Chat URL (click and mark you calendar): https://www.crowdchat.net/IBMiXIoT


Meet iX Experts who are working across industries and scenarios to redefine user experience. Featured Participants:

Crowdchat participants1












Feel free to contact to request formal interaction with IBM team

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Global Portfolio Marketing Lead : IBM Cloud for Oracle Solutions

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