Insights from Dreamforce 2015 – Part One: Making the World a Better Place

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Having spent most of this week in San Francisco at Dreamforce 2015, I have an even greater appreciation for Salesforce, and their commitment to making the world a better place.  With their million book drive for children, women in leadership summit, and executive leadership summit, it is uber-evident that Salesforce was founded on the guiding principle of giving back and helping others.

On the product front, there were some great announcements this week. And in many of the spaces that are near and dear to IBM, such as Healthcare, the Internet of Things, and Analytics.  Their marketing cloud for instance, is driven by analytics, which is a sweet spot for us.  All of their new solutions give us at IBM the ability to cement our relationship with them, as we work together and focus on our joint customers.

I heard Marc (Benioff) say that there were 170,000 registered attendees!  Wow. Both IBM booths (in the North Hall, and the booth with GM car in the West hall) experienced lots of traffic.  The IBM team working with GM in the West hall did a great job of “driving” traffic to our main booth where clients could see and experience our solutions.  We expect to build deeper relationships with our existing clients and establish new relationships with those who are just learning about the IBM systems integration capabilities that we offer for Salesforce customers.

 Our Alliance

Our partnership with Salesforce is new, but maturing hyper-fast!  The size of transformational projects and the quick ROI our clients are seeing is amazing.  We expect to see hyper-growth as an alliance in the next 12-18 months. Why?

We do not compromise on client success.  We ensure that we deliver value.  We do not just ‘install’ software. We transform companies to turn them into customer-activated enterprises.  And we have lots of real-world client experiences – such as GM, Telus and Northern Trust – which were shared during sessions at Dreamforce.

Next Steps for Clients

Here’s my advice for Salesforce customers, post Dreamforce:

  1. Learn about the new Salesforce offerings and where they can fit into your roadmap.  Lots of our clients are making plans to deliver analytics and begin an IoT journey.  Take a step back and review what’s coming from Salesforce and their new dimension products, before you star building a custom analytic solution for instance.  New things are coming in Q4 and Q1 2015 – build these next generation technologies into your company roadmap.
  2. Figure out how you can get involved to make the world a better place. I volunteered in their mentor a Vet program, during Dreamforce. Find a way to make the world better. Find a way for you and your company to give back. Find more information about the program Here
  3. Take time and think about your company’s future.  IBM GBS is offering up to two days of complimentary consulting in the form of a ‘vision workshop’ to help clients chart a path to becoming a customer-activated enterprise.  Take us up on it! Contact Terrell Lewis

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