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IBMiX at Cannes: a game-changing experience

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Interested to learn all about IBMiX at Cannes? Look no further!

The Cannes Lions Festival is an eight-day celebration of inspirational people, innovative experiences, and creative ideas that change the world. Attendees will be educated and galvanized as they explore all the event has to offer.

By tapping into a particular area of our expertise, IBM iX plans to celebrate those same values in our own way – on the beach, with a soccer ball!

On June 20, IBM iX will partner with The Girls Lounge to host the Team-Up for the Girls Connected Soccer Game. Through the creative use of technology like the Internet of Things, the game will bring together the digital and physical spaces to create a dynamic experience that contributes to a larger cause. Join us at the Hotel Martinez Beach at 4pm (10am EST), or follow the action digitally.

ibmix at cannes

IBM iX is dedicated to reinventing the way we play and view sports, and we’ve embedded this drive for creativity and connectedness into our Cannes soccer experience. It begins when our special soccer guest stars recruit their teams. The players will be equipped with Kiwi wearables to track their movements throughout the game as the two teams face off. But they won’t be playing for glory, fame, or money. They’ll compete for two charities, The Girl Scouts and Let Girls Learn. The IoT connected devices will make every step, every pass, every shot count and trigger donations from IBM iX toward that team’s cause.

Fans can get in on the action too! Using a Watson IoT responsive web app, they’ll be able to pick a side, follow the game, and contribute through their social participation on phones, iPads, or desktops. Data visualizations will provide real-time stats and show spectators how each player is contributing to the team’s collective effort. In effect, we’ll create a dynamic, virtual showcase of the power of collaboration.

Creativity and innovation with IBMiX at Cannes

The connected soccer game is just a small taste of the exciting things that IBM iX is doing to revolutionize the sports industry. Our Sports and Entertainment practice fuses design, strategy, technology, and data to transform how we play our favorite sports games and how we watch them, from the courts at Wimbledon to the stadium in Atlanta. We’re helping events, tournaments and venues deliver a personalized fan experience that extends far beyond the game itself. To bring that creativity and innovation to Cannes, we’ll leverage the power of the IoT, mobile, real-time analytics, and social engagement to connect players, fans, and digital spectators, making each person a part of the action on the field, wherever they are.

But the Team-Up for the Girls Connected Soccer Game represents more than a chance to experience some cool technology (and awesome soccer moves). It serves as a 4D metaphor about women coming together to achieve greatness, a powerful statement of gender equality and women empowerment. IBM iX and The Girls Lounge recognize women’s amazing potential for collaboration, creative expression, and as a force positive change, and we’re excited to provide a venue for them to show it.

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