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IBM iX raises three strategic questions at Adobe Summit 2017

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The pace of change in business today is unprecedented. It’s more challenging than ever to keep up, as the best consumer experiences become the new benchmarks against which all experiences will be measured.

The good news is that there’s never been a better time to be a creator and reinvent how we engage!  We have a bigger, more open canvas on which to innovate and more tools and technologies to fuel the ideas that will shape tomorrow.  We know more about our customers and their desires and behaviors, enabling us to make experiences more effective, products more relevant, brands more meaningful, and relationships more loyal.

Contributing to this revolution is how quickly we can refine our strategies, iterate and prototype.  Now we can put cognitive/AI to work to help spark new ideas and use design thinking and agile methods to continuously turn innovation into real solutions.  We can anticipate changes to engage customers instantly in context.  And when we scale these creations, the impact we can have is profound.

With all of these capabilities at our disposal, where do you start? We suggest asking yourself these three critical questions at Adobe Summit 2017:

  1. Actionable Insights: Your business generates huge volumes of structured and unstructured data every day. How are you tapping into it in real time to engage your customers?
  2. Consumerized Engagement: Consumer expectations increase with every great experience they encounter. How are you evaluating, designing and implementing new consumer engagement models that surprise and delight?
  3. Digital Reinvention™: Is your organization looking at the “big picture”? Are you continuously re-evaluating your business strategy and evolving to keep pace with change?

IBM iX is your global business design partner , uniquely qualified to co-create with you at that sweet spot where strategy, technology and design meet.  Our people are renegades and realists with diverse, high-value skillsets. They thrive on collaboration and designing the businesses of tomorrow.

Find us at booth #202. We hope to see you at Adobe Summit and look forward to having some great conversations.

Check out “Digital reinvention: Preparing for a very different tomorrow” session at Adobe Summit 2017

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