IBM InterConnect 2016: Outthink limits and transform your business

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Over 23,000 men and women attended this year’s IBM InterConnect held at Mandalay Bay and MGM hotels in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. From general sessions to speaker events and panel debates, the discussion centered around cloud, mobile, analytics and security.

As the conference progressed, IBM and its business partners outlined a changing world, and what they are doing to tackle industries’ most pressing issues. One thing was made clear: technology is changing all industries.

Here are five major trends discussed at InterConnect 2016:

1. The cloud journey:
The cloud buzz was loud. Organizations are discovering that transitioning to the cloud is not optional, but mandatory. Leveraging cognitive, analytic and mobile technologies, it grants access to the top 80 percent of data, where the deepest and most meaningful insights lie. Worldwide industry leaders unanimously agreed that cloud is the future—and the future is now.

2. Mobile at the heart of brand’s digital strategy:
Mobile is a major catalyst for digital transformation, and brands can no longer afford to hold mobile off as a supplementary component of a digital strategy. Apps are moving to the forefront, providing contextually rich interactions, fueled by insights on personal preferences.

3. The API Economy:
Disrupt or be disrupted: Every minute of every day, we are connected to the world through APIs. As companies capitalize on IoT data, and share what they have found with the world, boundaries on how humans and machines interact are being shattered. Technology can now think, perceive and empathize.

4. Death to security headlines:
Cybercrime is a significant threat for business, and is now one of the world’s largest illegal economies. Why? More devices. In the new digital era, traditional security practices are not enough. For security to be tamper-proof, it must be intelligent and innovative. Cloud, analytics and cognitive—all in high collaboration—aim to kill security headlines.

5. Innovate like a startup: What is a CEO’s worst nightmare?
Their industry being disrupted by a competitor, without even seeing it happen. Even with bulky legacy systems in place, large organizations must be quick to adapt and innovate. In the words of Dot Vlasic, IBM Watson Group Channel Sales executive, you must be willing to “Uberize” your business in order to stay relevant.

Photo credit: Caitlin Taylor/IBM

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