IBM at Cannes 2018

Growth and Innovation Through Diversity Panel – thinkLeaders @ Cannes Lions 2018

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Diversity is the process of recognizing our differences and similarities and creating an environment that both fosters and capitalizes on them. In order to make real progress on diversifying corporate sustainability, we must be willing to step outside of our comfort zones and have honest conversations. In this panel, IBM iX speaks to Wolf & Wilhelmine, Diversity in Marketing and Advertising, and MediaMath about how diversity is the key to optimizing business performance and sustainability.

– Debbie Vavangas, Leader, UK & Ireland, IBM iX (moderator)
– Ambika Gautam Pai, Partner, Co-head of Strategy, Wolf & Wilhelmine
– Azadeh Akbari, Founder, Diversity in Marketing & Advertising Summit
– Elise James DeCruise, Vice President of Global Learning & Development, Programmatic Education, MediaMath

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