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Creating a Better, Digitized World — Together

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By Matt Candy and Dirk Buddensiek




Creating engaging experiences takes a combination of digital, creative and design skills to provide companies with the sort of transformative ideas that drive real results.  Every day our clients are looking for true innovation that will ultimately lead to their digital reinvention. It’s that demand that brings us to today’s news – IBM iX and Aperto plan to join forces, becoming one big family that sets out to create a better, digitized world.

We’re thrilled to share our plans that will bring together our talented teams to support a mutual goal of working with more clients to evolve the experiences they provide to customers and employees.  Experience is ‘the north star’ which guides both our organizations in the work we do with our clients.

IBM iX and Aperto are coming together for many reasons.  To start, we share a significant alignment of culture, with a focus on understanding client needs, the value of digital, and delivering innovative experiences.  Also, we both have deeply passionate employees who use strategy, creativity and technology to transform clients’ businesses and craft amazing experiences grounded in deep empathy for the end user.

However, we both bring something unique to the table. Aperto has distinctive features and strengths that will help IBM iX grow in Germany, the DACH region and throughout Europe. While Aperto will continue to be led and run by the founders of the company — who for over 20 years have gained the long-term respect and appreciation of their clients and the industry — it will have access to expanded strategic, analytic, technology and innovation talent from IBM iX, the world’s largest digital agency.  When the right opportunity presents itself, we will combine teams.

Aperto and IBM iX remain committed to design excellence and delivering innovative experiences. We will do it together. We will do it better. It’s an exciting time for our clients, employees and companies as we enter the next phase of our journey – come and join us.


Dirk Buddensiek – CEO, Aperto

Matt Candy – Vice President & European Leader, IBM Interactive Experience

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