Cognitive computing helps us reimagine customer experiences like never before

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Interested to learn all about reimagining customer experiences? Look no further!

Since our creation in 1911, IBM has declared three eras of computing:

  1. The tabulating systems era started in the early 19th century, with electromechanical machines designed to assist with summarizing information.
  2. The programmable systems era took over in the 1940’s, with mechanical devices that organized data and made calculations commonplace for business and personal use.
  3. We have been in the cognitive era since 2012. More than a century since IBM’s founding, another evolution in technology brings computers that understand, reason and learn.

Our quest for technological advancement has brought us to a digital age where our lives have become a set of easier, more connected customer experiences. However, through these years of advancement, empathy has been overlooked. In our quest for technical perfection, we lost sight of that layer of humanity that sets apart good experiences from great experiences.

Cognitive is our vehicle to drive customer experiences that are truly great.

Cognitive computing provides us with an ability to understand what customers are trying to achieve. We can anticipate behavior, need and opportunity in order to achieve a differentiated brand. Watson is IBM’s cognitive computing platform that connects us to a vast array of structured and unstructured data sources to help us engage, discover, decide and explore in ways we’ve never been able to do before. Today, Watson is in 17 industries, 36 countries and speaks more than seven languages.

IBM iX Customer Experiences

Let me share with you some examples:

  • Teaching children: In partnership with Elemental Path, we are creating next generation toys to improve the way kids learn by making play personal. These toys just don’t listen to your child but also learn from, adapt and grow with each individual.
  • Improving outcomes in technical trades: Mechanics now have the power to see the sensors in vehicles to spot complex failures. In the real world, what used to take two hours to diagnose is now done in seconds. Watson is analyzing 350 million service records, 176 million auto forums, 10,000 miles of data and the last 30 days of weather information to provide in real-time a weighted diagnosis. Watson then suggests the next best action, informing the mechanic if they have the parts on hand and supporting the mechanic throughout the sequence of work
  • Enabling chefs to cook creatively: IBM teamed up with Bon Appétit to help everyone from home cooks to restaurant chefs come up with new classics. By searching over 10,000 recipes, Watson looks for patterns in the existing recipes and combines them with an extensive knowledge of the science behind food pairings to come up with ideas for unexpected combinations.
  • Recommending treatment options for cancer patients: Watson ranks identified treatment options and provides links to supporting evidence for each option to help oncologists as they consider treatments for their patients. Watson draws from an impressive corpus of information to support his findings, including Memorial Sloan Kettering curated literature and rationales, as well as over 12 million pages of text, 290 medical journals, and 200 textbooks.

At IBM iX, we have teams of strategists, digital mavens and designers that can take this technology and expand its capabilities to create truly connected customer experiences that matter. We also have the world’s first cognitive consulting practice which draws on experts in data science, machine learning, and industry transformation to help clients realize the potential cognitive computing has to transform the way they engage with customers and employees. By applying cognitive capabilities to markets, data and business we can outthink, outsmart and outperform the competition, and design for a better world.

Come co-create these transformative experiences with IBM iX.

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