Extended Reality

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality are the technologies we collectively refer to as Extended Reality — XR for short. These transformative technologies are powered by artificial intelligence (AI), connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), and delivered through the cloud and integrated into systems.

Welcome to Extended Reality: Transforming How Employees Work and Learn

Imagine a maintenance technician for a nuclear power plant having remote and on-demand access to all equipment in the facility. They could log as many hours as needed in immersive training to become acclimated to the stress of a meltdown scenario and learn how to implement operational protocols — safely from a room at corporate […]

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Beyond the App: How New Technologies are Redefining Mobile

Over the last decade, mobile technology has grown to play a pivotal role in business and in society as a whole. Starting from the early days of the mobile web, mobile technology has developed to the point that so many of us couldn’t last one day without our favorite apps. However, technology never stands still, […]

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Augmented reality: Step-by-step

Contextual digital content overlaid onto one’s experience of the world Introduction Augmented reality technologies stream relevant data to users to increase their awareness and knowledge of their surroundings. While relatively new to marketing, augmented reality has existed for decades. Fighter jets have employed heads-up displays in cockpits since the Cold War. A Boeing researcher coined […]

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