Think that machine learning requires tons of data? Think again.

Bread is surprisingly simple, and surprisingly complex. There are only three basic ingredients – flour, water, yeast—but there are loads of ways to combine them. Machine learning is a bit like baking bread. Traditionally, the most important ingredient has been real-world data. You need to have lots of examples to teach a computer how to […]

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Three Ways Metalearning Will Change the Face of Artificial Intelligence

If you were going purely off of what is depicted in movies and television shows, you’d think that using AI was an extremely streamlined process. Got a problem? Just push a few buttons or simply say what you want to your computer—and a few moments later the AI will have the issue resolved. The reality […]

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Fulfilling the Potential of AI Requires Getting Interpretability Right

I’m awesome at commuting. Take your pick: subway, bus, or train—I can navigate a complex fare system, bob-and-weave through a difficult transfer, and make it to my destination on time even after leaving way later than I should. But, inevitably, when any of those vehicles break down, I’m stuck. It’d be crazy to put me […]

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