Complimentary Webinar: The 2016 X-Force Cyber Security Intelligence Index and Implications for the Healthcare Industry

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The annual IBM X-Force Cyber Security Intelligence Index report offers a high-level overview and detailed look at the type and volume of attacks, which industries are most affected, and the key factors enabling attackers to help you better understand the current threat landscape. It reveals how security threats are evolving year to year, and provides well-informed insights about the impact they can have on your organization

Based on operational data collected from thousands of devices monitored in over 100 countries, the 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index from IBM Security Services was created by the IBM X-Force research team, which works diligently to keep clients informed and prepared for the latest cyber security threats. The Index reveals how security threats are evolving year to year, and provides well-informed insights about the impact they can have on your own organization.

Join us live on September 15, 2016 at 2pm ET

Cyber Security for HealthcareJoin this webinar to learn more as IBM X-Force Research team members Nick Bradley and Michelle Alvarez review their findings on the escalating threats and why the healthcare industry is now ranked #1 as the most frequently attacked.

You’ll understand more on:

  • The role of security intelligence and IBM X-Force Research in understanding the global threat landscape
  • What types of cyber security incidents that are on the rise
  • Understand more behind the causes– and why healthcare is now ranked the #1 most targeted industry
  • Learn how healthcare organizations can address the key challenges they face

Click here to register for this complimentary webinar brought to you by IBM and HIMSS Media.

This webinar will also be available for on-demand viewing, after September 15, 2016.

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