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Making data-driven research an essential part of your DNA

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The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 led to an expansion of research on the contributions of genomics in disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The rapid growth of genomics data compels hospitals, medical centers, research institutions, and pharmaceuticals R&D centers to deal with large files, many files, and complex data types. While genomics medicine holds a great promise in transforming personalized healthcare, it is driving the need to modernize the IT capabilities and design a flexible and scalable architecture built for massive quantities of genetic data that needs to be analyzed in a timely manner and shared among organizations across global borders.

Personalized healthcare is already becoming a reality for early adopters and market innovators that are modernizing their current capabilities to take advantage of new opportunities and unleash the real value of data.

Enabling groundbreaking research with scalable platform for big data

For VU University Medical Center (VUmc) in Amsterdam big data is a key enabler of cutting-edge research in the fields of oncology, neuroscience and cardiovascular disease. As its unstructured data (including administrative documents, research materials and medical images) exploded, VUmc wanted the security, cost-efficiency and scalability of a centralized storage platform.

By cost-effectively managing and protecting prized research data with IBM Spectrum Storage solutions at the heart of its centralized storage environment, VUmc can support its clinicians, researchers and administrators with the resources they need to work effectively without disruption and scalability to meet future demands.

To find out how VUmc enabled IT to focus on value-added development: click here

Speeding clinical results with a cloud-based platform for genomics data analytics

Headquartered in Rijswijk, the Netherlands, Bluebee provides cloud-based genomics solutions designed to help organizations accelerate data analysis, reduce costs and deliver results more quickly. To help labs and service providers process genomics data more quickly, Bluebee chose a powerful IBM Cloud hosting solution based on the platform’s performance, global data center presence and flexibility. The company’s new offering incorporates IBM Aspera software to accelerate customer data transfer and IBM Cloud Object Storage technology for scalable storage capacity. Organizations using the cloud-based Bluebee platform for genomics data analysis achieve up to 133.9 percent faster data processing.

To read the full story of Blueebee: click here

Building rock-solid foundations to support the most demanding requirements

To achieve its goal of becoming a European center of excellence for biomedicine and biotechnology, the Biotechnology and Biomedicine Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences and Charles University (BIOCEV), must help scientists store huge amounts of research data. With a software-defined storage solution from IBM, BIOCEV gained the high-performance, efficient and reliable platform needed to support scientific breakthroughs offering scientists fast, reliable storage and access to data. The automated storage management contributes to low TCO and BIOCEV can elevates the organization’s reputation by enabling non-stop services.

To learn how BIOCEV enables innovative research: click here


The success of clinical and research organizations within the healthcare and life sciences industries depends on the ability of IT systems to fulfill a common set of requirements.

To learn more, join Frank Lee, PhD, IBM Systems, recorded at the recent HIMSS18 Conference, as he discusses the architecture and solution for high-performance data and AI platforms to support the next phase of personalized care:


Product Marketing Manager, Storage Solutions for Healthcare, IBM Systems

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