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Better Engage with Patients and Partners Using Watson Health Core and the IBM Cloud

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IBM Watson Health Core

IBM Watson Health Core is a health data platform specifically designed to meet the needs of life science leaders, medical device companies, researchers and others in this complex, ever-evolving marketplace.

Watson Health Core provides more than basic cloud infrastructure: It helps accelerate the consistency and velocity of innovation with a HIPAA-enabled, built-for-health development environment. Our platform as a service (PaaS) offering helps speed-up your ability to deliver solutions by collecting, normalizing, governing, and curating data from disparate sources that would otherwise require multiple products and providers. It’s an ideal resource for those who need on-demand, scalable IT services to glean richer insights from health-related data, all while helping to manage compliance risks.

Join the webinar: Wednesday, October 12th | 2:00 PM EDT

Learn how to collaborate with the IBM Cloud and Watson Health Core to quickly create secure, innovative solutions with our turnkey HIPAA-enabled health data platform and Healthcare Industry APIs.

By integrating data systems with our solutions, organizations can develop new applications to improve existing services, and work more intelligently with partner providers, patient support services, and health plans, all while collaborating with government agencies to ensure HIPAA-compliance.

To learn more, join the webinar:  Better Engage with Patients and Partners Using Watson Health Core and the IBM Cloud


  • Robert Zimmerman
    Cloud Portfolio Leader, Global Healthcare & Life Science
  • Michael Fahey
    Watson Health Offering Manager, Exogenous Data

Global Industry Leader, Healthcare & Life Sciences, Market Segment Management

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