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IBM Announces Inaugural Health Corps Winners

IBM recently named the first five winners of the company’s new IBM Health Corps grants, providing $2.5 million worth of public health-related pro bono consulting by some of IBM’s most talented employees around the world over the next six months. After reviewing the entries of over 100 applicant organizations, the first five projects chosen aim […]

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Power of cognitive computing in making people live healthier

By as soon as 2018, some 30 percent of healthcare systems will be relying on cognitive computing and running cognitive analytics against patient data and real-world evidence to personalize treatment (source). Both healthcare and life sciences industry are focused towards providing a healthier future to patients through care delivery and drugs. Healthcare and life sciences […]

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eHealth 2016: Experience the “Future of Health” at the IBM Canada Booth #716

The Healthcare industry landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation globally and healthcare organizations across Canada must continue to embrace this transition. Technology breakthroughs in analytics, mobile and security are changing the future of healthcare and IBM, through its solutions portfolio, is enabling organizations to improve care delivery, reduce costs and deliver better outcomes for Canadian […]

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Apply now: IBM Health Corps: New Initiative to Help Communities Tackle Public Health Challenges

IBM has recently announced a new global corporate citizenship program: the IBM Health Corps, in which health organizations, selected through a competitive process, will receive the expertise of IBM’s best problem-solving teams with health expertise to help tackle public health issue around the world. Solving disparities in health outcomes and healthcare are persistent problems at […]

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Population Health and Evidence-Based Treatment Respects the Individuality of the Patient

Does evidence-based treatment mean that our patient will always have to undergo an MRI if she experiences certain symptoms?  Does it have to map to one clinical pathway? Out of respect for the individuality of the patient and the different symptoms, medical history and other factors that a patient may present, we have historically been […]

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Defining Population Health

The New Year invites an opportunity to both reflect on and make projections related to changes in healthcare delivery and what the short-term future may hold for us. One of those changes relates to the explosion of the population health dialog.  Try replacing the word population with patient.  Does the phrase mean the same thing to […]

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HIMSS 2016: Experience the ‘Future of Health’ at the IBM Healthcare Booth #5932

The healthcare industry landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation and the healthcare organizations across the globe need to embrace this transition. Technology breakthroughs in the field of analytics, mobile, social, security and cloud will shape the future of healthcare and IBM, through its offerings and solutions will enable the organizations to improve quality of care, reduce […]

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The Meaning of Cognitive Computing for Healthcare Industry? Cognitive Computing Q&A Series-Part 5; A Viewpoint from John Crawford, Healthcare Industry Leader, Europe, IBM

Q. Why should Healthcare Organisations read the IBV Study on Cognitive Computing? A. As a relatively new concept in the field of computing and informatics, the nature, value and potential benefit of Cognitive Computing for organisations involved in healthcare needs to be understood and incorporated into their plans.  This is as true for those involved in […]

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Managing to ICD-10 Implementation

Amidst all of the discussion surrounding ICD-10 implementation, much attention has been paid to the practical discussion surrounding the need for a more anatomical understanding of the diagnosis and/or procedure assignment and its impact on clinical documentation and the HIM coding community. CMS has posted the GEMs mapping for years now, and there has been an […]

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Towards cognitive wellness of healthcare

Human mind is a wonderful system. It is fascinating to watch how it evolves from an innocent baby brain to an expert mind over years. It is interesting to see how it can dwell into twilight zone of confusion and ambiguity, yet strike the right balance in taking an effective decision. It is amazing to […]

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A cognitive opportunity for healthcare?

The healthcare industry is facing tremendous upheaval as a result of pressures from economic, societal and industry influences. Additionally, the digital age is producing a mass of healthcare data and traditional analytic methods are quite simply unable to exploit its full value. Finding a solution that can bridge the gap between the data quantity and […]

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Maximize Your EMPI Investment: The Olmsted Story

Recently I had the privilege of participation in the webinar “Maximize Your EMPI Investment” with Michelle Majerus, HIM Director and Privacy Offer for Olmsted Medical Center and Corinne Blair, Industry Consultant, IMT. I was delighted to hear some of the value Olmsted is gaining from their EMPI, and the business challenges they’ve addressed through the […]

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