Blockchain vs FHIR: a showdown for healthcare integration?

Global healthcare interoperability has been an ongoing challenge. Health data is much more complex than many other data sets and communities of practice exist within different areas of health care which have disparate standards for recording data. Blockchain solutions have the potential to help in a portion of interoperability use cases. In the wake of […]

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Provider registries are a clear blockchain win

We started our discussion on blockchain use cases for healthcare with an exploration of cold chain breaks, a clear place where blockchain has significant health outcome and cost reduction values.  In this blog, the second use case we’d like to explore is that of provider registries. Healthcare rallies for blockchains: Keeping patients at the center […]

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Saving money and lives with blockchain for coldchain breaks

Healthcare is a leader in blockchain exploration, mindshare and adoption worldwide. IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed 205 life sciences executives in 18 countries and first movers found provenance and traceability to be a key advantage area for blockchain solutions. This is a reason we are focussed on vaccination cold chain breaks as a key […]

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The lifetime of a drug: a blockchain-enabled history

The past couple of years has seen an increasing interest in using blockchain in healthcare. With its ability to capture a lifetime’s history of an asset – be it an individual’s health records or tracking of a drug throughout the supply chain – blockchains have the potential to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and risk […]

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Decoding Blockchain for Life Sciences

Blockchain, at its core, is simply a distributed ledger to record transactions having the following set of characteristics – distributed verification, digital signatures, immutability, time-stamped transactions, consortium networks and smart contracts. Quite a few of the above characteristics lend itself to use in Life Sciences industry either through health records being controlled by individuals and […]

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Healthcare Rallies for Blockchain: Q&A with Srinivas Attili

This is the second article in the Q&A series where we discuss the findings reported in the IBMs Executive Report on Blockchain in Healthcare. Here we hear from Srinivas Attili (Vice President & Partner, Application Innovation Consulting, US Public Sector & Healthcare) who leads IBM’s Application Services Go-To-Market practice for Public Sector including State and […]

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