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Advance precision medicine with trusted data and AI solutions

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Advancing precision medicine to improve diagnoses and treatments relies largely on big data coming from many sources and instruments in volumes that we have never seen before. This exploding growth of data, represented by very large files and many complex data types, pose enormous challenges for researchers that are trying to make sense of all this data to better understand the human genome and discover the biological or environmental factors that are causing disease.

In an increasingly competitive market where time-to-market is so critical, life sciences institutes must reimagine their approach to data and adopt new technologies and non-traditional methodologies that will lead to new frontiers of discovery and enable effective collaboration between research and clinicians.

One way to help accelerate drug discovery that market leaders and researchers are turning to is artificial intelligence (AI) because of its ability to reveal hidden patterns and potentially predict novel connections in biomedical data at a scale that no human or traditional computing methods could possibly achieve.

Today’s new powerful technologies are able to support the fast-growing data needs, and help researchers tackle the domain with innovative solutions and systems that are infused with intelligence to fully exploit the value of data and optimize the journey to AI.

IBM solutions are designed to help organizations facilitate the discovery of new opportunities previously hidden in disconnected data by turning them into meaningful insights that can lead to actionable results to truly drive transparency in cost and quality, outcomes and innovation.

We invite you to join us at Bio-IT World Conference & expo ‘19 and learn how to deliver on the promise of AI, cloud, cognitive and quantum computing with technologies that support some of the largest leading precision medicine initiatives around the globe and can help your organization to prepare for the next phase of precision medicine.


Visit us at Bio-IT World

Meet our life sciences professionals in booth #432, April 16-18, to hear about best practices based on real-life examples.

Demos you don’t want to miss:

  • Leverage IBM Q – the world’s first integrated Quantum system for business and science: Explore how your organization can benefit from scalable quantum systems and how leading startups are already using this technology to accelerate breakthroughs in the areas of drug discovery and artificial intelligence.
  • Share and transfer large life sciences data sets with IBM Aspera in the hybrid multicloud world: Learn how clients have benefited from our next-generation transfer solutions to send, share, stream and sync large files and data sets over global IP networks.
  • Build a foundation for precision medicine and biomedical workloads with high-performance data and AI (HPDA) architecture: Hear about our solutions that manage the ocean of data and orchestrate the jungle of applications that can improve the speed and scalability for your genomics, imaging and deep learning workloads.
  • Accelerate AI Vision deployments designed to improve productivity with IBM PowerAI Vision and IBM Power Systems – the foundation for the world’s top supercomputers: Find out how you can train models to classify images and detect objects in images and videos without deep learning expertise. This can provide insights to medical practitioners that can potentially help them to better diagnose tumors and assess responses to treatment.


Join our sessions at Bio-IT World

Solution theater in the exhibit hall

Success Story: Precision Medicine In-Action with High Performance Data & AI

Tuesday April 16, 5:20 – 5:40 pm

Come hear how you can revolutionize your data-driven research capabilities with high performance data and AI architecture.


Track 1: Data and storage management (Luncheon)

Accelerate Precision Medicine with High Performance Data and AI

Wednesday, April 17, 1:10– 1:40 pm

Frank Lee, PhD, Global Industry Leader for Healthcare and Life Sciences – IBM Systems

Discover real-life use cases and best practices in genomics and imagining resulting in high performance around speed, scalability and efficiencies.


Track 12: Cloud computing

Rapidly Aggregate and Share Large Data Sets Using IBM Aspera

Wednesday, April 17, 5:00 – 5:30 pm

Joseph Hansen, Aspera Technical Sales & Delivery Expert, IBM 

Learn how IBM Aspera can accelerate big data analysis in life sciences, using various deployment environments.


Track 15: AI for pharma and biotech

Applying Structure to the Unstructured: Using AI to Distill Insights from Disparate Unstructured Data Sources

Thursday, April 18, 11:40 am – 12:10 pm, Track 15

Richard L. Martin, PhD, Research Scientist and Technical Lead, IBM Watson Health

Learn how AI constructs a network of known and inferred connections from disparate data, enabling researchers to make informed, cross-silo decisions.


If you are interested to schedule a private meeting with IBM executives and experts, please e-mail:

Exhibit hall and keynote session pass available for FREE until April 5; register here.


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