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Accelerating Research with AI & Watson for Drug Discovery

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Every day, researchers are challenged to find new drug targets faster than ever before. At IBM Watson Health, discovery and innovation is part of our DNA and we are here to help you with your next scientific breakthrough.

IBM Watson for Drug Discovery has the ability to synthesize massive public and private datasets in both tabular and unstructured formats. Natural language processing enables the platform to read millions of pages of unstructured data and understand the nouns, relevant entities, interrelating verbs, and prepositions to comprehend contextual meaning. Healthcare and research language is optimized through training with domain-specific dictionaries, ontologies, and subject matter experts. Professionals can then look across content sources to unearth insights at a scale and speed beyond what is manually possible.

Life sciences researchers are using Watson for Drug Discovery today, to identify new drug targets, drug repurposing targets, combination therapies and more.

To learn more, attend the upcoming executive webinar: “Accelerating Research with Artificial Intelligence and Watson for Drug Discovery” on September 13th, at 1-2pm ET.  Our featured speakers will be:

  • Naomi Visanji, PhD, Scientific Associate, Morton and Gloria Shulman Movement Disorders Centre, Toronto Western Hospital
  • Alix Lacoste PhD, Data Scientist & Subject Matter Expert, IBM Watson Drug Discovery
  • Henry Chen, Product Manager, IBM Watson for Drug Discovery

The webinar will feature a live demonstration plus a Q&A session with a researcher who is using the platform to identify candidates for drug repurposing for L-Dopa-induced dyskinesia in Parkinson’s disease.

Join us to explore Watson for Drug Discovery’s new capabilities & how researchers are applying AI to Parkinson’s and other diseases. Register here.

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