Healthcare Industry Insights

Building a common language: why we need a periodic table for technology-supported ageing

No matter where we live, most of us, as individuals, believe in quality of life. We believe in dignity and care. We believe in independence that can be enabled in a variety of ways. Especially when it relates to the process of ageing brought on by global demographic shifts that touch people in such personal […]

Healthcare Industry Insights

Population Health-The imperfect conversation

To be such a prevalent subject, population health is such a diverse reality. When confronted with the subject you should ask qualifying questions to be sure which population is being referenced. Most often the person who is discussing it has their own definition that fits the point they are making. Ask someone from a payer, […]

Healthcare Rallies for Blockchain: Q&A with Srinivas Attili

This is the second article in the Q&A series where we discuss the findings reported in the IBMs Executive Report on Blockchain in Healthcare. Here we hear from Srinivas Attili (Vice President & Partner, Application Innovation Consulting, US Public Sector & Healthcare) who leads IBM’s Application Services Go-To-Market practice for Public Sector including State and […]

Join IBM Watson Health at HIMSS17

Each day, leaders, advocates and influencers in health make powerful progress toward a healthier future. In an industry riddled with complexity and uncertainty, these professionals still face significant headwinds on their path to progress. At IBM, we see the opportunity in the exponential growth in health care data— from medical records, clinical research, sensors and […]

Healthcare Rallies for Blockchain: Q&A with Dr. Nicky Hekster

In this new Q&A series we discuss the findings reported in the IBMs Executive Report on Blockchain in Healthcare. The IBM Institute for Business Value’s (IBV) latest study on how blockchain is applicable to the healthcare industry, surveyed 200 healthcare executives in 16 countries, who shared that surprisingly 16% of healthcare institutions – ‘Trailblazers’ – […]

Today’s Healthcare Challenges and How Blockchain Can Help Solve Them – Join IBM for a HIMSS17 Breakfast Briefing

In Aug 2016, team from IBM Healthcare won the blockchain health IT ideation challenge: “Use of Blockchain in Health IT and Health-related Research Challenge” sponsored by the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC). IBM’s winning paper describes the potential impact that blockchain can have on the key healthcare […]

Healthcare rallies for blockchain : Continuing the discussion

Revisiting my notebook and e-mails from the start of 2016, one thing that struck me was the virtual absence of the word blockchain. Fast forward to January 2017 and my in-box is dominated by e-mails on blockchain. I now ‘get’ blockchain and how it can benefit the industries that I’m passionate about – healthcare and […]

Precision health and wellness: the next step for population health management

Population Health Management (PHM) will become an almost universally accepted method for healthcare delivery and management in the United States by the end of this decade, according to a new IBM study. PHM is becoming increasingly important for both payers and providers, as new payment models are applied that put outcomes and value of care […]

How the Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the face of Healthcare?

Healthcare is one industry where the Internet of Things (or sometimes referred to as the “Internet of Medical Things”) has potential for great value and impact. Integrating IoT features into medical devices has the potential to greatly improve the quality and effectiveness of a service, bringing greater value to patients who may need constant monitoring […]

How cognitive systems will shape the future of health and wellness

Technical innovations using cognitive systems are making an impact across a wide range of industries – from the first self-driving vehicle Olli to Hilton’s Watson-enable robot concierge Connie. And while these uses have the potential to simplify the way things work, there’s another area where the benefits of cognitive systems can make a far broader […]

PCPCC’s Barbara Starfield Award presented to Dr. Paul Grundy – Chief Medical Officer at IBM

Last night, in our nation’s capital, we gathered with leaders from the major medical associations for the annual meeting and awards dinner for the Patient Centered Primary Care Collaborative (PCPCC). IBM’s own Paul H. Grundy, MD, MPH, Chief Medical Officer, and Global Director of Healthcare Transformation was recognized as a recipient of the prestigious PCPCC’s […]

Blockchain in Healthcare: IBM at ONC/NIST Blockchain Challenge Workshop

Lately there has been a great deal of buzz about Blockchain and its potential uses in various sectors of the economy. Healthcare has been one of the industries that is well-suited to the integration of Blockchain because of the need for strong non-repudiation, clear audit path, and other features that Blockchain offers. The application of […]

Using Watson to Accelerate Drug Discovery

IBM Watson Health aims to transform the drug development process for life sciences – from research to commercialization. IBM Watson for Drug Discovery helps accelerate breakthroughs by enabling researchers to quickly analyze, identify, and prioritize new therapeutic targets and drug combinations for future study. Imagine if you could:  Access structured and unstructured data from disparate […]

Better Engage with Patients and Partners Using Watson Health Core and the IBM Cloud

IBM Watson Health Core IBM Watson Health Core is a health data platform specifically designed to meet the needs of life science leaders, medical device companies, researchers and others in this complex, ever-evolving marketplace. Watson Health Core provides more than basic cloud infrastructure: It helps accelerate the consistency and velocity of innovation with a HIPAA-enabled, […]