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People are at the Heart of Patient-Level Clinical Data

Pharmaceutical companies recognize the value of patient-level clinical data, and thanks to a combination of evolving technology and emerging legislation, there’s more data available than ever: Over 86 percent of physicians now use some form of electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) system, according to the CDC. But the sheer influx of […]

Healthcare Industry Insights

Digitization, Digital Transformation and Digital Reinvention: What’s Happening in Healthcare?

If you are a ‘trekkie’, you will know that a ‘medical tricorder’ is a device used in the Star Trek franchise to collect bodily information and help diagnose diseases. What you might not know is that the X Prize Foundation, an innovation organization and a facilitator of exponential change, recently announced the winning team in […]


Blockchain vs FHIR: a showdown for healthcare integration?

Global healthcare interoperability has been an ongoing challenge. Health data is much more complex than many other data sets and communities of practice exist within different areas of health care which have disparate standards for recording data. Blockchain solutions have the potential to help in a portion of interoperability use cases. In the wake of […]

Making data-driven research an essential part of your DNA

The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 led to an expansion of research on the contributions of genomics in disease diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The rapid growth of genomics data compels hospitals, medical centers, research institutions, and pharmaceuticals R&D centers to deal with large files, many files, and complex data types. While genomics […]

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Provider registries are a clear blockchain win

We started our discussion on blockchain use cases for healthcare with an exploration of cold chain breaks, a clear place where blockchain has significant health outcome and cost reduction values.  In this blog, the second use case we’d like to explore is that of provider registries. Healthcare rallies for blockchains: Keeping patients at the center […]

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Three Healthcare Security Investments You Can’t Do Without

It is almost a cliché to point out that no one is 100% protected from cyber attacks, even with an unlimited budget. Cybersecurity challenges evolve incredibly quickly with new vulnerabilities, a new generation of better-funded hackers and an increasing number of zero-day attacks. The healthcare industry has been especially targeted by the hacker community, given […]

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Saving money and lives with blockchain for coldchain breaks

Healthcare is a leader in blockchain exploration, mindshare and adoption worldwide. IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed 205 life sciences executives in 18 countries and first movers found provenance and traceability to be a key advantage area for blockchain solutions. This is a reason we are focussed on vaccination cold chain breaks as a key […]

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Getting Your Data Ready for Precision Medicine

Data is flowing out of every instrument – faster and bigger each day – creating massive quantities of data that needs to be captured, stored, cleaned, analyzed and archived. How can we: Solve this BIG data issue to avoid a situation that data preparation is becoming a bottleneck? Deploy comprehensive compute capabilities that support rapidly […]

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Protective Layers – Cybersecurity for Healthcare

Layered defense is key to a successful Cybersecurity Strategy in Healthcare which starts with endpoint management. The number of internet connected (IoT) devices is exploding. In a healthcare setting, these “endpoint” devices not only provide significant new opportunities for improving patient care, but also present serious risks for increased attack surfaces for hackers. In the […]

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Healthcare Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Do you know where your healthcare system is vulnerable?  As new technology and innovation continue to emerge in healthcare, vulnerabilities aren’t falling behind and pop up everywhere.  So, what can you do? To protect your organizations, first of all, you need to be aware of the most vulnerable areas of the healthcare system’s cybersecurity. Here are my top five recommendations on […]

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2018 Cybersecurity Trends in Healthcare

Daily new cybersecurity threats are emerging in Healthcare, but there are also encouraging mitigation trends to deal with these threats. Here are five Cybersecurity trends emerging in 2018. 1. Ransomware attacks via connected devices will be more severe Today, hackers target medical and IoT devices that provide, transmit, and access confidential data because they can […]

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The lifetime of a drug: a blockchain-enabled history

The past couple of years has seen an increasing interest in using blockchain in healthcare. With its ability to capture a lifetime’s history of an asset – be it an individual’s health records or tracking of a drug throughout the supply chain – blockchains have the potential to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and risk […]

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Join IBM Watson Health at HIMSS 2018

Across the industry, forward-thinking organizations are developing solutions and other new competencies and using them to reduce costs, improve quality and deliver value. How? By partnering with unfamiliar allies, focusing on customer service and marketing, and integrating information across their ecosystems to help inform decision making with data. To compete with the challenges that comes […]

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Why automation isn’t just about cost savings: Two reminders for your upcoming pilgrimage to HIMSS18

If you’re a CIO about to run through the gauntlet of conferences and exhibit booths at HIMSS18, here are two key reminders when it comes to this year’s focus on Automation: Reminder #1:  Reconsider the assumption that Automation is just about cost take-outs As one pharma CIO shared with me, an IT department’s efforts are […]

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Cognitive Innovation in Healthcare & Life Sciences

Cognitive computing is disrupting the healthcare and life sciences industry in an unprecedented fashion. Healthcare executives understand the potential of cognitive technology in accelerating innovation and how it can enable enhanced patient care, advanced discoveries and better decisions for providers around the world. Cognitive systems with their ability to understand, reason, learn, and interact, can […]

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