Power of cognitive computing in making people live healthier

By as soon as 2018, some 30 percent of healthcare systems will be relying on cognitive computing and running cognitive analytics against patient data and real-world evidence to personalize treatment (source). Both healthcare and life sciences industry are focused towards providing a healthier future to patients through care delivery and drugs. Healthcare and life sciences […]

Cognitive Systems Have the Potential to Dramatically Change Healthcare in Canada

The world is awash in data and the volume of data is growing exponentially. Consider that in 2011 the amount of healthcare data alone was in excess of 150 exabytes – or three times the amount of everything written to date in this world. This year it’s estimated we will add another one zetabyte of […]

Building Trust Takes Many Pathways

I recently had the pleasure of providing the closing remarks at the event “Closing the Gaps:  Benefits of HIE for Care Coordination”- jointly hosted by Healthix, the largest public HIE in the US and IBM.  The topic focused on the need for richer, real-time, actionable data to support care coordination and analytics, with Laurel Pickering, […]

Protect the Integrity of the Public Purse

Authored by: Doug Plaxton and Thomas Nisbet Security and threat concerns are particularly on top of the mind of departments for border control, public safety and national security.  Fraud is affecting all industries and segments of the market from social security benefit fraud, healthcare claims fraud and tax fraud to commercial banking, anti-money laundering and […]

Strengthening Your Organization’s Immune System

Four ways to exemplify IT security and privacy best practices in the healthcare industry When it comes to healthcare information, security and privacy should be top of mind. That’s because healthcare data harbours all kinds of sensitive information. The danger is that this rich hub of valuable data can also be transformed, by a cyber-criminal, […]

A C-Suite Perspective on Increasing the Velocity of Successful Transformation for Global Industries: An interview with Vivek Ramaswamy, CEO of Roivant Sciences and CEO of Axovant Sciences

Preface: While many corporate transformations are rightfully investing in new initiatives to grow top-line revenue, are there other strategic options that companies could pursue with assets that have been lying dormant? This Q&A is part of a series inspired by Fortune’s Most Admired Company rankings.[1] The process includes interviewing executives and professors for their insights […]

eHealth 2016: Experience the “Future of Health” at the IBM Canada Booth #716

The Healthcare industry landscape is undergoing a rapid transformation globally and healthcare organizations across Canada must continue to embrace this transition. Technology breakthroughs in analytics, mobile and security are changing the future of healthcare and IBM, through its solutions portfolio, is enabling organizations to improve care delivery, reduce costs and deliver better outcomes for Canadian […]

Cognitive Computing: Enabling breakthrough discoveries for the life sciences industry

Life sciences companies are embracing the power of cognitive computing to fuel breakthrough discoveries and better manage the tsunami of data they are looking to mine for insights.  In our complex healthcare ecosystem, volumes of seemingly unrelated, disparate data need to be brought together to deliver actionable insights. As more and more data is becoming […]

Using IBM Watson to help tackle the Sepsis challenge

Early identification and management of patients with sepsis is critical to decreasing sepsis mortality. Currently over 200,000 patients die from sepsis every year in the U.S. and that figure is growing, making this challenge one of the most pressing issues facing the healthcare system today and one that requires significant focus and resources. A large […]

A game changer for life sciences

Cognitive computing for life sciences can be a game changer. Here’s why. Over the last few weeks the papers have been filled with stories about computers beating the very best in the world at the very hardest board game in the world. Now I don’t profess to be knowledgeable about this ancient strategy game or […]

Apply now: IBM Health Corps: New Initiative to Help Communities Tackle Public Health Challenges

IBM has recently announced a new global corporate citizenship program: the IBM Health Corps, in which health organizations, selected through a competitive process, will receive the expertise of IBM’s best problem-solving teams with health expertise to help tackle public health issue around the world. Solving disparities in health outcomes and healthcare are persistent problems at […]