Will Cloud Computing bring back the Celtic Tiger?

 Will the Celtic Tiger rise again? Taking a page out of their recent history when Ireland invested heavily in the nation’s ICT infrastructure the Irish Government is investing $1.2 Million Euros in building a new research program focused on Cloud Computing. The aim of the program is to prepare Ireland for the expected future growth in cloud based services.  Given the past success that Ireland enjoyed through the nineties and the early 2000s, when the private sector came to the country because of its friendly business environment and revamped ICT infrastructure, there is every reason to believe that the Celtic Tiger will realize a rebirth. The action being taking by the Irish Government and the academic community is some much needed good news, and an indication that the country is taking proactive steps to emerge out of the banking crises that so decimated the Irish economy over the past four years. In my opinion what the Irish Government is doing is a sound approach to preparing a suitable and welcoming environment for another round of economic growth and job creation by the private sector.
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