tax administration

E-Government vs. Digital Government in Tax Administrations

Much has been written about digital government recently, appropriately lauding the concept of bringing government services and use of technology to the level of the private sector.  But concern has been expressed about the potential for the investment in this area to simply be e-government on steroids.  It would be sad if this was the […]

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Economic Vitality: Building Regional Cohesion in EU

Since its founding act, the Treaty of Rome in 1957, the European Community has pursued a policy of economic and social cohesion among its members. Formed in the aftermath of the Second World War, the EC was built on the belief that countries that trade together become economically interdependent and thus, less likely to engage […]

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Adding value to the tax ecosystem

The term “ecosystem” has been heard in some tax administration circles for more than 10 years now but the concept has yet to take hold or even be fully understood by tax administrators. In the “old” world in which I spent my government career, governments made policy, issued directions for compliance with policy, answered questions […]

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