predictive analytics

How do you achieve real improvements in your organization?

In my working life, both 29 years in the Navy and 8 years at IBM, I have always been interested in what makes an organization perform its business in a more effective manner. This includes such diverse areas as getting a submarine crew to fire torpedoes more effectively (I was Commanding Officer of a submarine) […]

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IBM brings experts together to discuss Predicting and Preventing Fraud

On October 24, 2013, IBM's Analytics Solution Center held its third seminar on detecting fraud, titled “Predicting and Preventing Fraud with Analytics.” This event brought representatives of several government agencies and local businesses together with experts from IBM, World Bank, GE, and the US Department of Veteran Affairs to explore how to best analyze fraud and abuse, and leverage fraud detection systems that can reduce risk while improving analyst efficiency.

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Predictive Analytics: How to Prevent Crimes from Happening

Police departments across the U.S. are piloting crime prevention programs that rely on a smart analysis of historical crime data in neighborhoods across their cities.  And they are finding that they can cut burglaries by as much as 27 percent! City police departments across the country are turning traditional police officers into “data detectives.”  Police […]

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