open government

Does more “open” equate to greater trust in government? Not necessarily…

A recent study released from Edelman on levels of trust in various institutions found that the general population’s trust in government institutions was lower than that of businesses, NGOs and the media. This study included more than 33,000 survey respondents across 27 countries. A majority of the respondents in 19 of the 27 countries indicated […]

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Open Innovation in Government

Open Innovation is a term originally coined by Dr Henry Chesbrough in the early 2000’s best summarised by Figures 1 & 2 below. Figure 1 – Open Innovation  Figure 2 – Open vs Closed Innovation Open Innovation has been compelling to Governments for some time, but lacking the technical platform to realise the enormous potential gains. This is where IBM’s Bluemix platform […]

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Four Approaches to Crowdsourcing

Is this a Golden Age for citizen involvement in government?  As dismayed as some may be with the political process, there are growing opportunities for meaningful engagement in many areas, thanks to growing social media tools and a willingness to participate by many ordinary people. Gavin Newscom is California’s lieutenant governor, and was formerly the […]

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