change management

Regarding the CIO’s execution, I am in favor.

That is not the feedback a CIO ever wants to hear. Given that this is the time for annual performance feedback it is important to maintain a balanced perspective of the CIO’s role.   The CIO’s role has traditionally focused on delivering the technical capabilities to support the agency’s mission. Ensuring that the applications and […]

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Shifting the Healthcare Landscape with New Business Models and New Technologies

When we talk about healthcare transformation, many casual observers think that transformation is only related to the major Federal government mandates of the last several years, either the Affordable Care Act, and more specifically the insurance marketplace, or the Hitech Act and Meaningful Use.  Others look at the consumer mobility revolution with its potential to […]

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Burning Down the House (Living through Change)

Over many years and lots of change, I have gathered a few insights into the ways we deal with change. I have seen people try to make even small changes and have been stunned to watch them fail even though they acknowledge that the vision is far superior to the current environment. There has been […]

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