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Welcome to the third (of four) posts on Open in Government. Previously in Open in GOV – What? I  clarified terminology by explaining the various “Open” terms and explained how “Open” can engender Community Innovation.   In Open and GOV – Insights, I  sampled  how Governments are using Open Source Software.

I will now focus on IBM’s role in Open.  We have had a long and very active involvement with the Open movement.  To illustrate this, the figure below shows selected activities and achievements over time.

OSS timeline


This activity continues at a pace with exciting announcements on OpenStack for Cloud, Open Daylight and OpenPower in recent months.

We also offer a number of best-of-breed Open Source Software products in key areas, as shown in the table below.  These form effective “on ramps” to their Enterprise Grade counterparts and commercial grade support is provided throughout.


We also regularly embed Open Source components into our commercial software. One of the most recent examples is the incorporation of hadoop (Apache framework for distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of computers) into the Infosphere BigInsights information management product. BigInsights enhances the open source technology for the enterprise, adding administrative, workflow, provisioning, security features, and analytics.

Please do comment with your viewpoint, suggestions & feedback.  And watch out for the last post in the series –  on striving towards an equilibrium between open source & commercial software.

Director - Blockchain | National Security - CTO Team Europe

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