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Can the Millennial Generation Rescue Government?

millennial generationCan the Millennial generation help lead the charge in transforming governments in the new digital era? Despite efforts to transform services through technology, government organizations are trailing behind the private sector in the digital revolution. Yet today’s citizens expect government to provide the same conveniences they experience as consumers – including information and services when, where and how they want them.

So what can governments do to help close the gap? We suggest government leaders engage Millennial employees in their transformation efforts.

As digital natives, the Millennial generation offers the skills and perspectives that can help re-imagine government for the digital era.

The research in our latest Institute for Business Value (IBV) study, Can the Millennial generation rescue government? outlines how governments can best leverage the expertise of this digital savvy generation to help governments transform for the digital era.

Link to the latest IBV study to learn more about the future of cognitive in government and the opportunities that exist for our clients to leverage this innovative technology.

Visit the IBV online or download the IBV App (available on iTunes and Android Marketplace).

To learn more about successful innovative solutions for public governance, visit our website.


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