Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) – An Introduction

For nearly 25 years my career has interwoven work in Transport and Logistics with Information and Communications Technology (ICT).  For 18 of those years I have been closely engaged with the evolving field of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) now recognized around the world as the blending of those two disciplines. 

In that context ITS represents what I like to call the “Second Convergence” with the first convergence of mass media, information technology  and telecommunications having been substantially completed over the past two decades into the digital environment of ICT.  ITS now stands poised to facilitate the integration of that digital environment with the physical transportation infrastructure that has evolved over the past two centuries. 

The need to do this is compelling.  With most of the human population now concentrated in urban areas, and the ability to connect populations within and between these areas with concrete and steel, the use of ITS to optimize infrastructure is essential as the century progresses.

In this space I would like to invite above all else questions, comments, shared experience from within and hopefully well beyond the extended IBM community which I will use to shape my further comments here.

Beyond these posts here, I have provided links on my profile to my LinkedIn Page ( which contains a number of resources and references itself, and also links to other ITS community sites which I hope readers will find enlightening–note that I will always accept connection requests from those interested in discussing or networking around transportation issues and opportunities. 

I also will invite attention to my regular postings in the US policy journal National Journal Transportation Experts Blog (  as well as my regular publication in the global ITS industry publication, Thinking Highways (

 Cheers – David

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