Cook up a blockchain demo app

It’s never been easier to see what benefit blockchain can bring to a business.  Using the Hyperledger blockchain service on IBM Bluemix, in a few simple steps it’s possible to deploy an app which shows the benefits of applying blockchain to a car leasing supply chain.  This short video gives an overview of the use case.

 oneSign up for an IBM Bluemix account

Click on this link, press the “Create a Free Account” button and follow the dialogue to access Bluemix.  If you already have a Bluemix account, log in instead!


When you have your Bluemix login credentials, proceed to step 2.

two Access the blockchain demo catalogue

Click on this link to access the starter apps and tutorials catalogue.  Select the “Deploy to BlueMix Car Lease” button.


 It’s worth time exploring the rest of this page too, but here we will focus on the Car Lease demo.  The button will deploy the demo into your Bluemix account (you may have to log into your account too):


The deployment can take a few minutes, but once it’s done your screen will look like this – and press “VIEW YOUR APP” to progress to the next step.


three_50 Access the car leasing app

The app front screen will then open in a new browser tab as shown below.


From the From the main menu, click ‘Admin Console’ and ‘ Create Simple Scenario’.


This will preload the blockchain with a set of transactions.  Wait for the initialization to complete.  Click ‘OK’ to close the Creating Scenario log, and then dismiss the ‘Scenario Creation complete’ by clicking the check mark.

four_50 Drive the car leasing app

A comprehensive set of instructions covering how to use the demo can be found at this link.

I’d be very interested to hear how you get on –  leave me a comment here or get in touch via twitter or LinkedIn!

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