Defence & Intelligence

Does Taking the Long View Help?

Traditionally, U.S. federal agency plans last the length of a four-year presidential election cycle. But many challenges facing government are on a much longer cycle – such as building Defense weapon systems, adapting to climate change, and creating energy independence. In 1996, Congress mandated the Defense Department to conduct a “quadrennial defense review” (QDR) of […]

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Defense Offsets – Obligation or Opportunity?

The Global Offsets and Countertrade Association (GOCA) conference just concluded in Montreal.  You may ask, “What is an offset and why is it important?”   Defense offset agreements are arrangements in which the seller of a product or service agrees to provide benefits such as buying local products or services from a country as an inducement […]

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IBM Government technology solutions

Learn how you can leverage new business models, innovative capabilities and the wealth of data available to create a robust and efficient public infrastructure, ensure safety and security, support the needs of individuals, facilitate sustainable economic growth, and build stronger communities.

Cognitive Government: Enabling the data-driven economy in the cognitive era

In government, cognitive capabilities can help organizations better understand critical trends and develop insights at scale to accelerate improvements for citizens and systems in areas such as public health, education, economic development, public safety and the utilization of natural resources

Predictive Maintenance – or, “Spend less, do more”

As a former submarine commanding officer and later as the US Navy admiral responsible for all submarine engineering, maintenance and certifications, I can assure you that I was a firm believer in making sure equipment worked correctly.  There was no margin for error, and the goal was always to make sure that the number of […]

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Insight from Data at the Edge

DATA is described by our CEO (Ginni Rometty) as the new natural resource.   Insights from data are essential for gaining information superiority for all departments of Government, and especially for defence and intelligence agencies. Data also has a gravitational effect – it attracts more data, drives analytics, generating meta data, driving more data capture, more analytics and so on […]

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Can the Millennial Generation Rescue Government?

Can the Millennial generation help lead the charge in transforming governments in the new digital era? Despite efforts to transform services through technology, government organizations are trailing behind the private sector in the digital revolution. Yet today’s citizens expect government to provide the same conveniences they experience as consumers – including information and services when, […]

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Insights from Defence Client Conference

Our annual SPADE conference was held in Berlin in April this year, co-sponsored by AFCEA, KPMG & SAP.  We came together with some 120 customers, partners and IBM colleagues to discuss Innovation at the Tactical Edge.  Over two days we enjoyed a fascinating combination of keynote presentations from senior military personnel from around the World […]

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Achieving Holistic Cybersecurity

  To be effective, Security needs to be proactive — using cyber analytics and cognitive-based systems to ultimately achieve mission-oriented security intelligence by John Lainhart & Christopher Ballister No longer can security programs rely on “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” — adversaries could already be inside systems, stealing data or probing to get […]

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What the Public Sector Can Learn From Uber

When most people hear the word Uber they think about a mobile app that allows them to book car services. However, Uber is much more than that. Uber is a dynamic peer-to-peer market making platform that connects buyers and sellers and helps address supply and demand inefficiencies in markets. Uber and other market making platforms […]

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Blockchain: Bath Tub Curve of Asset Management

Asset management is defined as “The coordinated activities of an organization to realize maximum value from it’s assets“; assets are an “item, thing or entity that has potential or actual value”; realization of value will normally involve balancing costs, risks, opportunities and performance benefit. The term asset management became widely used in the 1980’s relating to physical assets.  In the […]

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Cloud – Disrupt, or be Disrupted?

Business & Government is going through a time of unprecedented digital transformation. The disruptive forces –  driven by cloud,  mobile and social – change the how they derive insight from data, how governments interact with their citizens and how businesses go to market with their products. In the front line, new mobile apps are consolidating decision making at the fingertips of people who need to act.  Real time insight […]

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Proving Provenance with Blockchain

Provenance (from the French provenir, “to come from”), is the chronology of the ownership, custody and/or location of an (historical) object.  Provenance could be described as an immutable audit trail of ownership & location as it changes over time. Whilst the concept of provenance is well understood, it’s often hard to achieve in practice. In […]

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Defense Apps – “anywhere, anytime”

Apps on smartphones and tablets have become so woven into the fabric of our daily lives that the phrase “There’s an App for that!” is no longer a wry amusement but almost universally true in our personal use.  Apps can be found designed for a vast array of services, anything from making a reservation at […]

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