Big data

Big Data, Big Cities, Big Deal

Big Data is increasingly seen as a Big Deal, especially in mid-sized and big cities. But why? What can government leaders vs. data geeks get from it? Professor Alfred Ho, at the University of Kansas, recently surveyed 65 mid-size and large cities to learn what is going on, on the frontline, with the use of […]

Predictive Maintenance – or, “Spend less, do more”

As a former submarine commanding officer and later as the US Navy admiral responsible for all submarine engineering, maintenance and certifications, I can assure you that I was a firm believer in making sure equipment worked correctly.  There was no margin for error, and the goal was always to make sure that the number of […]

Can the Millennial Generation Rescue Government?

Can the Millennial generation help lead the charge in transforming governments in the new digital era? Despite efforts to transform services through technology, government organizations are trailing behind the private sector in the digital revolution. Yet today’s citizens expect government to provide the same conveniences they experience as consumers – including information and services when, […]

Social Programs Beyond Digital

We recently completed our International Social Sector Forum (ISSF) in Berlin, Germany.  Social Programs clients from around the world shared the best practices and challenges they face in delivering results. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and approaches in a penalty-free environment. It is important to us as well.  It helps us to […]

Advanced Analytics Driving Social Services Breakthroughs

For the past several decades, major success stories from within the social services sector have been somewhat scarce. The complexities of intergenerational poverty, aging populations, addiction, abuse, unemployment, homelessness, rising health care costs and tightened budgets have exceeded the capacity of existing programs. New initiatives driven by big data and advanced analytics are shedding light […]

Cities supporting walkability and bikeablity are more fun to live in.

Global travellers would probably agree with me that cities where people walk or use bikes as a mean of day to day transport tend to be more vibrant, more social, safer and, most importantly, more fun to live in. Cities which support developing walkable communities are more sustainable because business is retained in the community […]

Cognitive: The Next Generation of Smarter Buildings

Ever since a boulder was positioned at the entry to a cave to keep bears away, or a portable structure was erected and then disassembled for a tribe to take with them as they followed the herds, buildings have been on a steadily smarter trajectory. Describing a building as “smart” in the current environment can […]

Dashboards provide valuable insights for city operation

I have learnt a hard way that to run a complex operation I must have a simplified overview of what is going on, where with a quick glance I can judge if the operation is under control. I think that the same applies to a city operation, which exists in a complex ecosystem of local […]

Strategies to Solve IT Workforce Shortages in Government

The problems facing government IT organizations in hiring a talented workforce continue to escalate. Changes in the economy, an aging workforce, as well as a need for new skill sets have proven to be especially challenging in an environment with stringent hiring rules, long hiring cycles, and inflexible pay plans. Evidence of that this issue […]

Cloud – Disrupt, or be Disrupted?

Business & Government is going through a time of unprecedented digital transformation. The disruptive forces –  driven by cloud,  mobile and social – change the how they derive insight from data, how governments interact with their citizens and how businesses go to market with their products. In the front line, new mobile apps are consolidating decision making at the fingertips of people who need to act.  Real time insight […]

Social Workers, Technology, and Transformation

As a critical supplier of technology to health and social program leaders around the world, it helps me to remember who we work for.  Beneficiaries, departments, community organizations, legislators, and taxpayers  — to name a few.  On that list are social workers, the front line workers that make things happen. Social workers change lives. They […]

The Secret to Cognitive Computing: Small and Incremental Over Large and Complex

Cognitive computing is a powerful means to help solve business problems.  Unfortunately, there are numerous misconceptions regarding the value of cognitive computer.   One of the most significant misconceptions is that cognitive computing is reserved for an organization’s most challenging and complex problems.  As a result, many organizations make the hasty action to overlook the true […]