What does 2017 look like in the Government space?

I have never professed to be psychic.  However, as 2016 is coming to an end there are clear signs that illuminate the plans of government entities for 2017.  These signs include the surveys that have been conducted to identify the priorities of state, county and city CIO’s.  As you can see, their priorities align very […]

Defense Offsets – Obligation or Opportunity?

The Global Offsets and Countertrade Association (GOCA) conference just concluded in Montreal.  You may ask, “What is an offset and why is it important?”   Defense offset agreements are arrangements in which the seller of a product or service agrees to provide benefits such as buying local products or services from a country as an inducement […]

Blockchain for Government Services

The financial services sector are the early adopters of Blockchain, but the use cases for Government are compelling because they go to the heart of the business networks and underpin the core role of government; delivering services to enhance the lives of its citizens. The key challenges that Governments face in delivering government services (the […]

Is Blockchain for Government just hype?

We are seeing a large number of articles being published that promise significant savings and service improvements for government agencies that adopt the new Blockchain technology.  This hype is typical for any new technology that intuitively has a lot to offer in overcoming traditional challenges. Gartner has a way of expressing this as a Hype […]

A Smarter Government will provide an open platform

Governments at all levels, local, state, national, and transnational, are exemplifying the benefits of leveraging technology to improve outcomes for their communities. In Rio de Janeiro and Davao in the Philippines dynamic leaders have made public safety a priority and encouraged the unification of multiple agencies to create a safer environment. The United Kingdom and […]

Social Programs Beyond Digital

We recently completed our International Social Sector Forum (ISSF) in Berlin, Germany.  Social Programs clients from around the world shared the best practices and challenges they face in delivering results. It was a great opportunity to exchange ideas and approaches in a penalty-free environment. It is important to us as well.  It helps us to […]

Advanced Analytics Driving Social Services Breakthroughs

For the past several decades, major success stories from within the social services sector have been somewhat scarce. The complexities of intergenerational poverty, aging populations, addiction, abuse, unemployment, homelessness, rising health care costs and tightened budgets have exceeded the capacity of existing programs. New initiatives driven by big data and advanced analytics are shedding light […]

Cognitive: The Next Generation of Smarter Buildings

Ever since a boulder was positioned at the entry to a cave to keep bears away, or a portable structure was erected and then disassembled for a tribe to take with them as they followed the herds, buildings have been on a steadily smarter trajectory. Describing a building as “smart” in the current environment can […]

Achieving Holistic Cybersecurity

  To be effective, Security needs to be proactive — using cyber analytics and cognitive-based systems to ultimately achieve mission-oriented security intelligence by John Lainhart & Christopher Ballister No longer can security programs rely on “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it” — adversaries could already be inside systems, stealing data or probing to get […]

What the Public Sector Can Learn From Uber

When most people hear the word Uber they think about a mobile app that allows them to book car services. However, Uber is much more than that. Uber is a dynamic peer-to-peer market making platform that connects buyers and sellers and helps address supply and demand inefficiencies in markets. Uber and other market making platforms […]

Dashboards provide valuable insights for city operation

I have learnt a hard way that to run a complex operation I must have a simplified overview of what is going on, where with a quick glance I can judge if the operation is under control. I think that the same applies to a city operation, which exists in a complex ecosystem of local […]

Strategies to Solve IT Workforce Shortages in Government

The problems facing government IT organizations in hiring a talented workforce continue to escalate. Changes in the economy, an aging workforce, as well as a need for new skill sets have proven to be especially challenging in an environment with stringent hiring rules, long hiring cycles, and inflexible pay plans. Evidence of that this issue […]