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Building the Cognitive Campus

Imagine you could have systems capable of understanding all your data, put it into context, and constantly learn and interact in a natural way.

The cognitive future of education is already here, offering new methods and solutions that transform teaching and learning experiences, help graduates meet the skills and needs that are shaping industries and society, and making personalized education a reality.

But, what does it take to get there? Join IBM at Educause Annual Conference 2018 and learn how to transform education with solutions that will enhance your organization’s digital intelligence exponentially and deliver on the great promise of cognitive to help your organization improve teaching effectiveness and learning outcomes.

Visit IBM Booth at Educause

Meet our experts in IBM booth #603 at Educause 2018, Oct 31 – Nov 1, and see LIVE demos of innovative solutions and future-ready systems that are infused with intelligence to fully exploit the value of data and optimize your journey to AI.

Our IBM higher education consultants for student experience, IT, administration and research are available to assess and improve your IT organizations’ capabilities; define and build your organization’s research lifecycle of the future; establish cloud adoption roadmaps and execution plans; and identify the best use of innovative technology across numerous university functions.

Demos you don’t want to miss:

  • Improve students learning with IBM Watson Tutor: An intelligent 1:1 tutoring system that guides students 24/7 through a review session using natural language conversation.
  • Identify students at risk with IBM Cognitive Insights for Student Success: how to use Watson AI technology to predict students representing a retention, persistence, or on-time graduation risk.
  • Optimize program quality and accreditation reporting using IBM Cloud and Analytics: assess outcomes from all encounters and assessments mapped to granular competencies with eXtensible Competencies Platform.
  • Use AI to help predict student graduation and early success using IBM Cloud with Watson Studio: analyze student performance data and predict how a student with similar characteristics is likely to graduate within 5 years based on machine learning models at scale.
  • Enhance user experience for students, faculty and staff with IBM Workday Practice: support your digital transformation journey with best-in-class implementation services for ERP and student data.
  • Leverage open cloud technologies with IBM Academic Initiative: Provide your staff access to the latest technologies and services they need to teach and conduct research – Watson, analytics, IoT, blockchain, quantum computing and High Performance Computing – through an open source platform.
  • Help students reach new levels with a digital distribution platform: distribute software, resources & more securely with customized digital distribution and management solutions of Kivuto , an IBM Business Partner which supports over 100,000 organizations worldwide.
  • Transform learning credentials with Blockchain: address credentials’ challenges with blockchain technology, focusing on the issuance and verification of credentials for education and training in a cost-efficient way.
  • Protect your campus against all threats with advanced Security solutions – determine threats before your fences are tested, investigate non-obvious related offenses, obtain near-real-time insight and effectively trigger incident response as a single strategy.
  • Manage your data with IBM Cloud Object Storage – Move infrequently accessed data to more cost-efficient IBM Cloud Object Storage and lower storage costs up to 70%.
  • Provide IT support through an AI powered service desk based on Workplace Support Services with Watson: a virtual chat agent accessed through a self-service web portal that allows users to ask Watson self-help eligible, IT related questions.
  • Simplify cloud access for the education environment with IBM Cloud Brokerage Services: a single point of entry to manage multiple cloud services with a consistent interface and clear visibility into who is providing the services in the background.
  • Provide users the support they need with IBM Contact Center as a Service: cloud-based multimedia call center service that provides flexibility, security and mobility-rich Contact Center and collaboration features.
  • Orchestrate your applications with Cloud Managed Application Services: understand where it makes sense to run your key workloads and applications, like SAP and Oracle, and the macro level integration points, delivering flexible managed cloud solutions.
  • Mitigate the impact of cyber disruption with Cyber Recovery as a Service: monitor the data and configuration changes to allow early detection and automated response to significantly reduce the business impact of cyber incidents with up to 80% faster recovery.

Join IBM Sessions at Educause

How AI-Based Tutoring is Transforming the Student Experience

Wednesday, October 31, 2018, 10:45am-11:30am MT, Transforming the Student Experience Track

Pearson and IBM are bringing AI-based tutoring to college students everywhere. By combining Pearson’s digital courseware with the IBM Watson Tutor technology, students are receiving a new kind of personalized learning and instructors are also getting richer insights into student learning. Come see how AI is transforming education.

 Can education keep up with Watson, Blockchain and other advanced IBM technologies?

Thursday, November 1, 2018, 9:45am-10:30am, Transforming the Student Experience Track

IBM is revolutionizing education with advanced technologies like Watson, artificial intelligence, and blockchain. We are passionate about the power of education to transform lives and help people realize their potential. Through our work with partners we are deploying new approaches to support teaching and learning. Learn what we are doing!

For more information visit:

North America Program Director, IBM - Education Industry Group

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