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Improving the lives of citizens, meeting elevated demands for service and enhancing economic vitality are just some of the challenges government and leaders face in the data driven economy.

The IBM Government blog is blog is intended to provide readers with thought-provoking and engaging content where thought leaders, inspiring thinkers and governments leaders from around the globe are encouraged to discover ways in which their organizations can focus on citizen centric services, using technology to help build data driven insights to address the challenges of today and build capabilities to tackle problems of tomorrow. We will be posting blogs around certain points of views that will provide guidance on how to address organizations challenges head on – turning data into insights, enhancing program outcomes, mitigating threats and most importantly improving the quality of life for the citizens and communities they serve.

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People’s needs are complex and constantly evolving

Everything from their family situation, employment status and medical history has a bearing on health outcome. Creating insights into those factors , identifying risks and finding ways to proactively and holistically support the well-being of individuals and families helps health and social service agencies keep communities and clients healthier and more economically viable.

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For more information on how to manage, analyze and understand data to enable better health and social outcomes for individuals and the communities in which they live, visit ibm.com/government.

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IBM Government technology solutions

Learn how you can leverage new business models, innovative capabilities and the wealth of data available to create a robust and efficient public infrastructure, ensure safety and security, support the needs of individuals, facilitate sustainable economic growth, and build stronger communities.

Cognitive Government: Enabling the data-driven economy in the cognitive era

In government, cognitive capabilities can help organizations better understand critical trends and develop insights at scale to accelerate improvements for citizens and systems in areas such as public health, education, economic development, public safety and the utilization of natural resources