Cloud as a Driver of Better Government

For the past decade or so, “better, faster, cheaper,” has been the rallying cry for innovation in every sector. Cloud computing unequivocally ranks high among all three criteria.  As a scalable model for enabling access to a shared pool of computing resources via pay-for-use Internet delivery, “faster” and “cheaper” is inherent to cloud. Cloud allows […]


Design Thinking : Making Blockchain Real

At IBM we focus on making Blockchain real for business, cutting through the hype and gobbledygook.  We are a founder member and code contributor to the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Project, because we are convinced that an open governance, open source, open standards approach is best suited to building a new class of Blockchain for closed, premissioned & trusted business networks. […]

Big data

Can the Millennial Generation Rescue Government?

Can the Millennial generation help lead the charge in transforming governments in the new digital era? Despite efforts to transform services through technology, government organizations are trailing behind the private sector in the digital revolution. Yet today’s citizens expect government to provide the same conveniences they experience as consumers – including information and services when, […]

Is Blockchain for Government just hype?

We are seeing a large number of articles being published that promise significant savings and service improvements for government agencies that adopt the new Blockchain technology.  This hype is typical for any new technology that intuitively has a lot to offer in overcoming traditional challenges. Gartner has a way of expressing this as a Hype […]

Citizen Engagement in the Public Sector – How do you define Value?

Citizen Engagement #CitizenCentricGov – how do you define and measure the “value” of Citizen Engagement – both to the citizen and to the government agency providing the service?   I recently attended the IBM CIO Leadership Forum #IBMFederal and found myself coming out of the session trying to reconcile several different points of view presented […]

What’s a good blockchain use case?

One of the most common questions we get asked in our work with customers is “what’s a good blockchain use case?”  So we’ve developed a way to ensure we are adding enough value by applying blockchain to a particular business problem.  What’s blockchain?  See “More  Information” at the end of this post. [1] Awareness – we first […]

Predictive Maintenance – or, “Spend less, do more”

As a former submarine commanding officer and later as the US Navy admiral responsible for all submarine engineering, maintenance and certifications, I can assure you that I was a firm believer in making sure equipment worked correctly.  There was no margin for error, and the goal was always to make sure that the number of […]

e-Government is a Reality, UN Survey Shows

The United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (@UNDESA) has recently released the 2016 e-government survey.  IBM, Vice President for Government Industry @JuliaGlidden was an advisor to the survey.  The survey points out that many governments have made significant steps over the last 15 years to not only embrace technology to improve the function […]

Evolving a Hybrid Cloud Strategy – A Conversation with CxO’s

In my next few blogs I’ll be exploring how CxO’s should approach moving workloads from the traditional enterprise datacenter onto a commercial cloud provider platform. In this blog I’m speaking directly to “you” the government agency IT leader. Not surprisingly, when talking to IT leaders – the most frequently requested guidance is what to move […]

A Smarter Government will provide an open platform

Governments at all levels, local, state, national, and transnational, are exemplifying the benefits of leveraging technology to improve outcomes for their communities. In Rio de Janeiro and Davao in the Philippines dynamic leaders have made public safety a priority and encouraged the unification of multiple agencies to create a safer environment. The United Kingdom and […]

Insight from Data at the Edge

DATA is described by our CEO (Ginni Rometty) as the new natural resource.   Insights from data are essential for gaining information superiority for all departments of Government, and especially for defence and intelligence agencies. Data also has a gravitational effect – it attracts more data, drives analytics, generating meta data, driving more data capture, more analytics and so on […]

Distributed ledgers will transform delivery of government services

Ledgers have been at the heart of commerce for centuries used intensively by governments to manage taxes and provide registries for assets like land, property and vehicles. The distributed ledger technology “blockchain” brings a level of innovation to the ledger concept which has not really changed over centuries. Blockchain enables transactional applications that can establish […]

Blockchain, how SMART is your contract?

Smart contracts have been around since 1994 when Nick Szabo defined a smart contract as a computerized transaction protocol that executes terms of a contract.  Putting this another way a Smart Contract is computer code which automates the “if this happens then do that” part of traditional contracts. Figure 1: From Contract to Code [] However, not much happened with […]

Brexit: implications for the operation of the Customs Union

What a fortnight it has been. The outcome of the UK’s EU referendum has been to leave the EU, leading figures in the UK leave campaign have resigned and we wait to see who emerges as the new prime minister and what happens to the leader of the opposition. Those of us who work in […]