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Part of the Winner’s Circle — HfS Blueprint Grid: Talent Acquisition Services

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IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization has been recognized for its leading position in the market by analyst firm Horses for Sources (HfS)—this time designated as part of the ‘As-a-Service Winner’s Circle’ in business outcome-oriented, on-demand talent and technology services.

As part of the HfS Blueprint Reports, the Blueprint Grid recognizes four categories of providers. The most prestigious As-a-Service Winner’s Circle category denotes excellence recognized by clients in the eight ideals of execution and innovation.

As-A-Service Winner's Circle IBM Talent Acquisition & Optimization

By ranking high in innovation, we are recognized for our investments in future capabilities, driving new insights and models, and articulating a vision and ‘new way of thinking.’ Similarly, our standing in relation to execution of our services means we have collaborative relationships with clients, services that are executed with a combination of talent and technology, and overall flexibility in delivery.


Horses for Sources also recognized IBM for our strengths in the following areas:

  • Leading edge analytics and cognitive capability
  • Quality of account management
  • Collaborative engagement
  • Talent management and development
  • Design thinking capability

According to Mike Cook, HRO & Security Research Director at HfS Research, “We are at the dawn of a new era in talent acquisition. The way organizations attract, hire and onboard talent are being reinvented, and IBM has demonstrated it is a pioneer at the forefront of innovation within the world of talent acquisition. One area that differentiates IBM is how Watson can be used to drive true cognitive automation across the entire talent acquisition process. It’s no secret that acquiring top talent requires judgement-based processing, but that goes beyond the capability of most automation technology today. The new cognitive innovation from IBM has the potential to change the face of recruiting for the future.”

I am extremely proud to be part of the As-a-Service Winner’s Circle from HfS and the competitive differentiation it demonstrates for our business. Most of all, I am excited by the impact this has for our clients—providing them added confidence that we are proven in our ability to deliver service excellence, and bring the best in talent acquisition and cognitive automation to drive recruiting performance.

Cognitive Consultation

Global Market Development

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