THINK Leaders Weekly Roundup [3/19-3/24]

How are cities taking advantage of new technologies for big data and data-driven discovery, to improve healthcare, food security, education, and finance? What strategies are top chief marketing officers deploying to maintain a competitive edge? This week’s THINK Leaders blog has the answers.

New Thinking

Exploring the promise of Big Data for cities and for brands:

Opportunity abounds for those able to gather, analyze and draw insights from the flow of data around us, no matter what sector—from agriculture to medicine, manufacturing to energy and utilities, commerce to education. Locked within data is potential for greater efficiency, innovation, and savings. The THINK Leaders team tapped into how big data is boosting brands, and improving cities around the world.

The 10 CMO strategies that should be every marketer’s goal

Forward-thinking CMOs use the convergence of digital and physical interactions to revolutionize the customer experience. The THINK Leaders editorial team curated a list of the top ten ways to succeed in today’s data-driven age of marketing. See if you and your organization are using any one or any combination of them.

How to future-proof your customers’ journey

Customers interact with a company at multiple physical and digital touch points, forming relationships with a brand through real, personal experiences. To create experiences that feel integrated and meaningful to customers in spite of ever-shifting technology landscapes, unseen disruptors and a host of other business challenges, it’s important to never lose sight of the customers’ journey. Here is how you can future-proof the marketing methods you use to meet them along their way.

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