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Trend-setting thought leadership is the product of continuous conversation

Today’s executives tasked with keeping a finger on the pulse of change don’t want the latest information; they want the ability to look into the future to anticipate the next big opportunity – or the next major threat.

The IBM Institute for Business Value strives to set the pace of change with our thought leadership. That’s why we are especially proud to earn the No. 1 spot in the White Space Thought Leadership Rankings for the third consecutive time. The rankings, compiled by Source Global Research, compare 23 of the top consulting firms in the world across a range of criteria. Our research, according to Source, stands out because of its appeal, resilience and, perhaps most importantly, its ability to prompt action.

How can we continue to influence change through our thought leadership? It’s a question we’ve asked ourselves often over the last decade. The field has evolved quickly and profoundly. Data is everywhere, and companies are eager to translate it into actionable insights. Advances in technology and analytical techniques are propelling us into a new realm of revelations. Cognitive computing, for example, allows us to look deeper into data and find previously undiscoverable and unrecognizable patterns. Good thought leadership uses these tools to delve into data and present it in an appealing, meaningful way.

But great access to new and emerging data and state-of-the-art analytics is not enough. We believe that the most effective thought leadership is born from conversation. The stories we tell through our thought leadership come from the dialogue we have with the thinkers and doers who are impacted most by the latest trends and technology. That’s what makes our insights unique, and expanding that dialogue will be crucial to our future success.

Our ongoing goal is to engage more people all over the world and listen more carefully to what they say so that we can predict the next wave of change. We are eager to invite you to join the conversation by visiting the IBM Institute for Business Value website and connecting with us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. We look forward to hearing how you think we can shape the future together!

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