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The magnitude of weather is simply unimaginable. You may have woken up in rainy New York or sunny California, but those conditions directly impacted how you dressed or the plan for the rest of your day. Weather effects thousands of decisions across hundreds of industries, all of which are guided by analytics. Today, IBM announced the acquisition of The Weather Company’s B2B, mobile and cloud-based web properties to strengthen these insights. This pairing will bring together IBM’s powerful cognitive and analytics platforms with over three billion weather forecast reference points.

The original partnership, revealed in March, received a lot of attention from the aerospace and travel industry. By using IBM’s processing products and The Weather Company’s data we are able to provide businesses with real-time information. With thousands of flights occurring per day and millions of active smartphones, the data analysis of weather forecasts will be felt worldwide. These findings will allow a hotel chain to lower rates months in advance or an airplane to leave right on schedule.

David Kenny, CEO of The Weather Company, discussed the enormous impact weather has on aviation. “$80 billion is lost each year in delays and service maintenance costs,” Kenny said. If you think sitting on the tarmac is frustrating, try losing billions in preventable spending. Improvements in airplane servicing will equate to better customer experiences and through engine data, airlines are better prepared for overhaul and maintenance. This means your flight to Cancun won’t be delayed and you can be on the beach in just a few hours.

Traveling is also greatly impacted by the Internet of Things. “Sensor data on airplanes helps us better anticipate and mitigate risk from turbulence. We’ve reduced injuries by 50% and maintenance costs by 40% on American Airlines and Alaska Airways,” described Mark Gildersleeve, President, Professional Division, The Weather Company.

There’s no denying vacations have dramatically changed just over the past two years. You can order transportation in the palm of your hand and stay at a stranger’s apartment with just a few clicks. As technology continues to transform this industry, weather and flying will always be incorporated with travel. Your next trip will be impacted by these changes, whether you know it or not.

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