THINK Leaders Weekly Round Up [1/15 – 1/22]


Since the start of 2016, there have been a lot of exciting things happening in the THINK Leaders community. For today’s blog I wanted to take a look at some of our most recent THINK Leaders articles – enjoy!


CES 2016: Trends to watch for CEOs and CMOs, IoT: The roles of the CMO and CEO are evolving as new gadgets and innovations are emerging in 2016. These articles discuss the trending technology topics to expect at The Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. The third article recaps the discussion of IoT at CES and how it has evolved from concept to reality through connected homes and cities, the internet of athletes, and everything in between.

NRF prep for CMOs: 4 key tech trends: This article is a must-read for CMOs and retail professionals that attended “The Big Show”. We went back to 2015 and provided past and relevant content to prepare attendees of the National Retail Federation’s annual convention. We discuss topics including client experience, cognitive computing, the buyer’s journey and content marketing.

WEF Annual Meetings: Trends to watch in 2016: The THINK Leaders team gave attendees and media followers of the World Economic Forum a heads up about three key topics expected to be discussed at this major financial event. These topics include how the digital transformation is scaling fast, India’s evolution, and the exciting future of healthcare.


JT Kostman- Data plus behavioral insights deliver business value: This profile piece was with JT Kostman, the CDO of Time Inc. Wondering how using data and consumer behavioral insights adds business value? JT discusses how data reveals what customers want, will share, and care about across all mediums.

 New Thinking:

6 data-driven leadership trends for 2016: The team asked prominent CXOs from around the world about how they believed data is going to influence executive decision-making. We found that data-powered personalization, big empathy, data-driven culture, survival of the fittest data, and Hyper Relevancy are going to be transformative for companies in 2016.

We hope you have enjoyed the topics we have covered this year – if you have any topics you would like THINK Leaders to cover in the coming months please let us know in the comments section below.

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