THINK Leaders Weekly Roundup [2/29-3/4]


Weekly Recap

From Las Vegas to Tokyo, the THINK Leaders team has covered quite a lot of ground! We heard from Monex Group, Inc. CEO Oki Matsumoto, recapped IBM InterConnect 2016, and discovered why women are becoming chief data officers – just to name a few. Here is a summary of the innovative technology trends and thought leaders we had the opportunity to report on:

Event Recap:

InterConnect 2016: Outthink limits and transform your business: Over 23,000 professionals gathered at the premiere cloud and mobile conference to discuss cutting-edge technology trends. World-wide industry leaders collaborated on 5 key technology topics: The cloud journey, mobile at the heart of brand’s digital strategy, the API economy, death to security headlines, and innovating like a start up.

New Thinking:

Must-reads for CHROs seeking to make more data-driven decisions: According to the new CHRO cut of the C-suite study, published by IBM’s Institute for Business Value, cloud-based services, predictive analytics, and social platforms are disrupting the work-place as we know it. For this must-read, the team curated our best articles and interviews to help CHROs kick-start their organization’s transformation.

Sir Ridley Scott on science fiction and how it influences the future of tech: “Science fiction opens the curtains on an entirely different universe. You go into a world where anything goes,” says Sir Ridley Scott, the director of the Oscar-nominated film The Martian. IBM Watson sat down with Sir Ridley Scott to discuss the power of science fiction, and how cognitive computing is reinventing technology. The THINK leaders team summarized key takeaways and what they mean for CXOs.

Why women are becoming chief data officers: Although the chief data officer position is fairly new, it has significantly grown in both visibility and importance. CDOs are leveraging data and applying analytics to outthink their competition. Women, in particular, have hit the ground running, now making up 25% of this C-Suite role (in comparison to 13% of CIOs being female). This article calls upon several experts to understand the necessary leadership competencies of chief data officers, and the driving forces behind the rise of the female CDO.


Oki Matsumoto: Advice on how to be disruptive—and stay disruptive: How can a CEO drive a successful business? Although Matsumoto’s background is primarily in finance, his advice is applicable to all C-suite executives, regardless of the industry. He offered guidance on how to compete with start-ups and how to provide unique and meaningful customer experiences.

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