Internet of Things

Telecom and IoT: A Market Transition

In the last 10 years, Telecom operators have engaged with mixed results in the Internet of Things (IoT) space. An initial focus on developing technology offerings – with the emphasis being on sensor and networking solutions – has been followed by a number of point technology solutions: Connected luminaries and traffic lights in the smart […]

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C-suite must reads: the Internet of Things, e-mail tips, business-trip secrets, doing good

As an editor and C-suite-focused program lead, I try my best to keep up with topics that help senior executives–and aspiring senior executives–build a competitive edge. Those topics can range from technologies to watch and invest in, to travel tips that can make business trips more successful and comfortable. So this week, I’m going to […]

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5 must-reads for CIOs headed to the Leadership Exchange June 15 & 16

On July 15 & 16, IBM is hosting the invite-only CIO Leadership Exchange in Chicago. For attendees, we have curated a list of recent news stories to help you be in the know on the top stories affecting you and your role. Even if you’re not attending, check out these articles that can help you […]

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