intelligent automation

IBM Services and Wired Present: Six Degrees of Automation

 LEARN MORE ABOUT IBM AUTOMATION No choice we make is small nor do occurrences take place disparately. We are all connected in some shape or form. An event that occurs in Bangladesh can have a ripple effect that changes the way people live in Canada. What you eat for lunch could alter a distant coworker’s […]

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What does artificial intelligence mean for your business processes?

Key Points:  To deliver next generation business process services and support the digitally reinvented enterprise, businesses need to embrace intelligent automation Artificial intelligence (AI) can now deliver personalized, end-to-end frictionless experiences that are outcome focused and easy to scale Learn about three cognitive solutions from IBM that are transforming the way finance, HR and procurement […]

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How to ramp up robotic process automation with artificial intelligence

Key points: Artificial intelligence addresses the limits of robotic process automation, allowing for the rise of intelligent automation Intelligent process automation promises new levels of productivity and innovation—freeing an organization’s people to focus on higher-value activities Learn more The interest in and use of robotic process automation (RPA) has rapidly increased to support repetitive, labor-intensive […]

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