M&A and all its complications

When you talk about M&A, people always think it so complicated.  Many companies make it more complicated, and the ones that don’t often don’t fair well on the back end of a merger.   Why is that?  Maybe because M&A has so many moving parts, maybe...

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When it comes to M&A – How do you Measure it?

2010 was an interesting year in the world of M&A. Many companies elected to begin spending again and we saw both small deals take place, as well as a few mega deals. But as referenced in a recent Dealbook news article - what is really going on, is that...

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M&A Automation Best Practices

M&A takes time, but who has time these days?     One of the overarching themes for our M&A Accelerator solution is “Accelerating Deal Cycles.”  Why?  It ends up tha...

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