enterprise automation

5 tools for orchestrated workforce and enterprise automation

Key points: Understand five types of process automation tools of varying complexity and maturity When orchestrated, these tools can unlock workforce and enterprise transformation 25 to 100 percent of repetitive processes can be automated, reallocating workforce bandwidth to more value-add activities Learn more What is process automation and what value can it bring to your […]

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Enterprise automation: Achieve your goals with IBM’s five element design framework

Key Points: Automation is revolutionizing work and operations, but few organizations are making substantial progress toward adoption. IBM’s five element framework addresses questions around automation delivery, adoption and benefits realization Learn more Robotics and process automation technologies are empowering organizations to approach operations in entirely new ways. You could even call it a revolution. Executives […]

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Using Agile to build an RPA Center of Excellence at scale

Key Points:  The fast-paced nature of robotic process automation (RPA) requires agility, accuracy and flexibility within a Center of Excellence (CoE) framework Using an Agile approach for implementing RPA helps maintain visibility, manage risk, and enable flexibility Agile drives short development cycles that deliver viable, iterative products to the client Learn more Yes, today’s businesses […]

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