Secure your future with mainframe

When your company’s major investors ask you how safe their assets are, how do you respond? Do you have the right technology to keep them safe? Mainframe could help you answer those questions more confidently. While mainframe technology is nothing new, the latest generation is even safer and more cost-efficient. In fact, modern mainframes are […]

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3 top reasons banks adopt hybrid cloud

If banks are reticent to fully embrace the power of hybrid cloud, they may be missing out on getting closer to customers and outflanking competition. The latest IBM Institute for Business Value report, “Tailoring Hybrid Cloud for Banking,” reveals the three top reasons banks are adopting hybrid cloud — and why bankers think they’re important: […]

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Why partnering strategies matter: How sourcing of business and IT services impacts financial performance

Today, leading enterprises are sourcing for more than just cost reasons. They’re partnering to innovate and to help them achieve the rewards of   financial out-performance. The financial services sector is no exception. What’s different for these companies is increased attention on agility  achieved through new business and operating models, and responding better by anticipating market […]

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