Supply Chain visibility in a new economic environment

In this increasingly complex global economic environment, as the number of supply chain partners increases, the need for accurate, time-sensitive information becomes more acute. But lack of collaboration and integration between supply chain and product development partners continues to be a major concern. Product lifecycle traceability in consumer products, pharmaceuticals and other industries is a growing requirement.  Yet, despite continued technological enhancements, lack of visibility to worldwide, timely information to make in-stream decisions remains a significant issue.

Others complain of too much information – so much information to cull through to make rapid decisions and respond quickly to constant day-to-day disruptions and interruptions. There is a lot of discussion, lately, on business intelligence & analytics applied to day-to-day supply chain management transactions.  It’s all about flexibility and having the analytical insights to be responsive.

The bottom line is that the requirements for increased visibility require the flexibility to make fast decisions in response to constantly changing market conditions. Those who do, will most likely be the ones to gain competitive advantage from doing so.

Check out our new paper:  New Rules for a New Decade, by Karen Butner, for more on this.

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