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What Does a Successful RPO Program Deliver?

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If you’re considering using a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) partner, or are assessing the effectiveness of your current RPO partner, it’s important to define what a successful RPO program looks like for your organization.

Beyond meeting metrics, what are the primary outcomes that a RPO program should deliver? Here are three:


1. RPO helps increase the value of talent acquisition

An RPO program should help HR prove the value of talent acquisition to the C-Suite and position talent acquisition as a trusted expert within the organization. Recruitment and hiring processes affect the company’s bottom line, and they are essential areas that only your talent acquisition function can control.

Does the C-Suite view talent acquisition as merely a means to fill job openings, or can your RPO program demonstrate the positive impact that talent acquisition is having on business outcomes?

A successful RPO program brings additional benefits that impact the company beyond traditional recruiting metrics. For example, when employer branding is an integral part of candidate sourcing, attraction, and recruitment, your organization’s brand is amplified through a consistent, positive lens—allowing candidates to better understand what it’s like to work there and self-assess whether or not they fit culturally. Research shows that candidates who fit an organization’s culture are more engaged, productive, and stay longer.


2. RPO enables talent acquisition professionals to focus on more strategic tasks

Recruiting for large, global organizations is time- and labor-intensive. And when the talent acquisition process falters, the business value suffers. An RPO partnership frees talent acquisition from this function, empowering your team to concentrate on the strategic value you can bring to the company and employees, including:

  • Strategic workforce planning
  • Succession planning
  • Performance management
  • Employee development


3. RPO helps talent acquisition stay competitive and adopt appropriate trends

A RPO partner designs a competitive and flexible solution that enables your talent acquisition process to embrace new technologies and trends, such as predictive analytics, talent communities, social recruiting, and mobile apply.

There is no one-size-fits-all RPO program, even for global organizations that have similar needs. A recruiting trend that’s right for one company may not be what your organization needs. The right RPO partner takes into account your goals and specific needs, designs a program to meet those needs, and makes required adjustments to stay on track to fulfill your goals as your recruitment needs change.

For more information about evaluating the effectiveness of RPO, download the RPO 201 eBook.

RPO 201 eBook

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