Strategies from Generation D


What can CIOs and other senior executives learn from forward- thinking IT organizations who are swiftly utilizing the latest technologies in analytics, cloud, social, and mobile? IBM’s Center for Applied Insights (@IBMCAI) examined enterprises with sophisticated IT analytics capabilities compared to all others. These are Generation D (for “data”) companies. But even those enterprises who still have legacy IT systems and processes can learn from them.

Here’s what we found:

Enterprises with sophisticated IT analytics use a wider variety of more-mature analytic skills and capabilities, including next best action modeling, automating process decisions with analytics and predictive modeling. They also use video/audio analytics and natural language text analytics. Organizations that have developed these sophisticated capabilities recognize value of educated consumers and taken steps to ensure literacy. And, they are more likely to combine traditional data with advanced data, using supply chain/logistics data, email, logistics data, mobile app data and sensor data.

Cloud is viewed as a platform for data-driven business. There were large differences in how these organizations are deploying data management (47% vs. 30%), mobile apps/solutions (42% vs. 30%), analytics solutions on the cloud (40% vs. 26%).

Digital channels (social and mobile) are being used more for business processes, collaboration and communities. Enterprises with sophisticated IT analytics capabilities are also more likely to have optimal customer interactions (74% vs 64%).

Enterprises with sophisticated IT analytics capabilities have improved performance over peers in KPIs. They have higher percentage of their total annual revenue generated through digital channels. Further, sophisticated IT analytics organizations also have a higher percentage of new product and service deployment initiatives that are released to the marketplace.

These organizations are more likely to agree in certain outcomes including:
+ The cloud is transforming our business model
+ We’re engaging the market more effectively by linking customers, employees, partners and suppliers together
+ Data and analytics are transforming our industry
+ Data and analytics are changing the way people do their jobs

View the broader study and join us in our chats at the CIO Leadership Exchange, an invite-only event, in Chicago June 15 & 16 at #CIOexchange this week to learn how forward-thinking organization are moving forward with Generation D-style approaches to IT.

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