Plotting Your Course: Operationalizing an Enterprise Approach to Fighting Fraud

In previous posts, I have shared links to webinars I have conducted with our friends at CFO Publishing and In November, we presented another hour-long discussion for CFOs around how to operationalize an enterprise approach to fighting fraud. A replay of that discussion is available for you (at no charge) and I encourage you to invest an hour of your time.

I talked about converging forces are creating a new landscape of fraud risks and the three strategic imperatives we at IBM recommend to counter fraud.

In addition to presenting our counter fraud point of view, I made the case as to why counter fraud challenges are significant enough to require strong senior leadership to address at an enterprise level…and why the CFO is the one best positioned to tackle and ‘own’ this business problem.

The balance of the webinar was spent on the steps CFOs can initiate to start of this journey of countering fraud across four dimensions: detect, respond, discover, and investigate.


To gain easy access to the recorded webinar, Plotting Your Course: Operationalizing an Enterprise Approach to Fighting Fraud, click here. I also encourage you to listen to two other recorded webinars we conducted with CFO Publishing earlier this year: The True Cost of Fraud and Using Advanced Analytics to Counter Fraud in a Big Data World. I know you will take a good deal away from those complimentary sessions, as well.

I look forward to hearing your examples of how you are operationalizing an enterprise approach to fighting fraud. This will continue to be a major focus area for CFOs and there are many approaches that can be taken based on an organization’s business, strategy, industry, and specific pain points.

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