Let’s talk trash, but in a good way! How can we improve efficiency with Smarter Waste Management?

Register for our upcoming WebcastSmarter Waste Management in Government to join this very important discussion that can benefit our environment.  From an economic perspective we can create jobs, become more efficient, and change how local municipalities effectively deal with waste.   Perhaps, waste can be converted into something far more valuable and even used for revenue production?

Join GovLoop and IBM on Thursday, December 17th from 2-3PM ET for an interactive discussion as industry experts share how to achieve a Smarter Waste Management strategy. Speakers will highlight:

What specifically is Smarter Waste Management and why has it become “top of mind”for so many governments?

How can smarter waste management accelerate economic recovery?

What impact is urbanization having on sustainability, citizen sentiment and environmental ethics?

Our experts will include:

  • Heather Achilles – Distinguished Engineer, IBM Research
  • George Gitschel, Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Organic Energy Corporation
  • Charlie Luke, Salt Lake City Council Member; Public Relations and Government Affairs Consultant, Luke Strategies Inc.

You can also learn more about the Smarter waste management discussion at:


Please share this webcast and register now: https://ibm.biz/wastemgt

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